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Virgo New Moon Outline

The Virgo New Moon = Virgo represents the harvest time, the receiving of the fruits of the summer. Virgo is the sign of digestion and assimilation of life experiences. Through analyzing the information received Virgos can purify the personality and attain spiritual unification.

In the universal scheme of things, Virgo stands for the “womb of time” wherein God’s plan is being worked out through pain, struggle, and conflict. These are the thing that set the consciousness free from being earthbound.

Virgo represents the hidden Christ in every man;

The seed planted in earth, that must root in the darkness, and through struggle break its sheath and struggle towards the LIGHT.

As Virgo serves others they are constantly learning the lesson of humble service and patience. They are detail-oriented and taking care of the routine tasks is where they function best. Home is very important as it provides a place of security. Virgos are not gregarious because of an innate shyness and they have jittery nerves and a highly geared nervous system. Their state of mind has a direct bearing on their health.

Since there is a constant analyzing mind there can be a tendency to become too critical which causes faultfinding and irritability.

But their real satisfaction is in the realm of work and service as they are considered the best workers in the zodiac.

Virgo is connected in the constellation to Libra and Scorpio. She’s on one side of the Libra (balance, justice) scale while Scorpio is on the other side. Virgo needs to look inward for answers and Scorpio needs to look outward. Opposite of what both tend to do.

Virgo is represented by the Angel of Discernment. This is the Angel of Karmic deliverance by removing the error in consciousness that produced the misdeeds of thought and actions.

Mercury the energy of Virgo is represented by the Angel of Illusion & Reality. This Angel teaches that after we become free from ego influence, earthly miscreations disappear suddenly being replaced by expressions of spirit.

Keywords: Virgo = Analytical, detail, practical, precise, researching Negative: critical, inferiority complex, nervous worry;

Mercury = Analysis, reason, mentor, observant Negative: deceit, gossip, indecision, nervousness;

6th House = state of health, daily routines, service provided others, dealing w/peers, habits, phobias;

Virgo Archetype

1. SUPERIORITY Complex (Leo) to INFERIORITY Complex (Virgo)

2. Virgo life involves breaking down the entire organism (ego/personality) into pieces so that it may assimilate and carry on what is useful for the next stage of evolution and determine what no longer serves the developing SOUL.

Requires DISCRIMINATION = objective of themselves & subjective of others.

3. Need to Humiliate Personal CONSCIOUSNESS (ego) not SOUL/SPIRIT;

i. Must become a FUNCTION of SOCIAL SERVICE i.e. Food & Hotel Industry, nurses, therapists, chiropractors, and healers of the world.

b. Purify Personality;

i. Self-Improvement = being aware of ENVIRONMENT;

ii. Overuse Perfectionism! BUT need to become aware of IMPERFECTION/INADEQUACY & “What do we Need to IMPROVE

iii. NEEDS: Develop Childlike State of Mind, Obedient, & Trusting, Accepting w/gentle humility, work & experience which life & Karma bring;

c. Learn Cooperation;

i. Learning to be a BENEFIT to LARGER WHOLE


4. Needs to develop habits routines & responsibilities to stay in harmony with their selves.


2. Diet, Exercise strengthens & stimulates Nervous System & Ductless Glands—together w/regular periods of MEDITATION/RELAXATION

“Mind can be trained to become the Server of Spirit & under its direction bring Physical Body into


By transmuting anger, irritation, hostility into purposeful intention to live in wholeness.

The Angel of Discernment (Virgo)

This Angel teaches us to be discerning meaning to be perceptive, astute, discriminating and judicious; to constantly be aware of our thoughts, words, and deeds, and to think, speak, and act only from the standpoint of harmlessness.

Discernment is Latin = “to know enough to keep separate.”

Discrimination = to make a distinction in participation.

Angel of Virgo teaches by way of silence and deep experiences and to SUBORDINATE the material world to the Will of God.

The archetype of Karmic Deliverance. Angel represents the power of grace, the energy to remove the error stains of past misdeeds from consciousness.

Helps to control our destiny through the quality of discernment

Uses the Law of Cause & Effect action and reaction, compensation, and KARMA.

Opinions, judgment, critical analysis of others condemn ONESELF because we recognize in others what we are doing ourselves.

We are born into a KARMIC vibration that accepts every thought, word, and deed and plays it back to us in an interconnected life experience.

Every mental, emotional, and physical activity triggers a chain of causation, which ripples through the universe and sends back a reaction to the originating individual, continuing until the effect of the cause is resolved.

“Physical life cycles continue until every cause resulting in a violation of the principle of good-for-all has been canceled.” – Gospel of Emerson

The Angel of Illusion & Reality (Mercury)

The Angel of Illusion & Reality through the power of intellect and concentration shows us that we cannot even begin to use the subtler forces of nature until we realize that WE DO NOTHING OF OURSELVES, but simply act as a channel through which the life-force expresses itself. Here is the Angel of Illumination releasing the mind to become aware of the DIVINE PLAN.

This happens when the ANGEL is TOTALLY FREE of EGO INFLUENCE;

The #1 = a geometric point means CONCENTRATION, attention, a limiting field of activity; the Magician draws power from above…you cannot even begin to use the subtler forces of nature until you realize that YOU DO NOTHING OF YOURSELF, BUT SIMPLY ACT AS A CHANNEL THROUGH WHICH THE LIFEFORCE EXPRESSES ITSELF;

Intention of this Angel = help us develop a ONE-POINTED focus on TRUTH = see beyond the illusion to that which is real;

Concentration = on ERROR thoughts which have built a CONSCIOUSNESS of ERROR, whereas these error thoughts have been REPRODUCED in LIFE as ERROR CONDITIONS;

As an EGO ARCHETYPE = when blocked by ego projection, saturated w/unconquered personality defects, it becomes the master manipulator, working closely w/the ego to DECEIVE, MISLEAD, & DEFRAUD becoming an adversary to SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS;

Acts as the DIVINE MESSENGER (Mercury) bringing the ideas of SPIRIT into CONSCIOUSNESS;

Mystics called the ILLUMINATING principle = releasing the MIND to become aware of the DIVINE PLAN;

Medicine Wheel Animal Totems

Virgo = Wolf = Guardianship, Ritual, Loyalty, and Spirit

Wolves are probably the most misunderstood of the wild mammals. They're almost the exact opposite of how they're portrayed. They are friendly, social, and highly intelligent. Their sense of family is strong and loyal, and they live by carefully defined rules and rituals. The epitome of the wild spirit, the true spirit of the free and unspoiled wilderness.

Their social behavior is based upon a hierarchical structure. There is an “alpha” male and “alpha” female. Wolves do not fight unnecessarily. They’ll go out of their way to avoid it. They don’t have to demonstrate their ability to fight.

Teaches: to know who you are and to develop strength, confidence, and surety so that you do not have to demonstrate and prove yourself to all.

Wolves have a complex system of communications – using body language.

Teaches: how to empower your verbal communications with appropriate body language.

Wolves also have a complex system of vocal communications. They howl, whimper, whine, growl, and even bark. Howls serve as a signal to call others of the pack or to locate the other members.

Every member of the pack knows its position in relationship to everyone else within that pack. Wolf packs are not entirely autocratic – under the supreme rule of the alpha member. Neither are they democratic. When both occur it is the flexibility that adds to the success of the wolf government.

Teach: the lesson of proper governorship – a balance between authority and democracy.

Teach: how to use ritual to establish order and harmony within your own life.

Teach: to understand that true freedom requires discipline.

The alpha male and female mate for life. All members of the pack show great care and affection toward playful pups. If the mother or father is unable to care for them, then another member will adopt the young. Even serve as babysitters.

Teach: respect and honor for family and for children.

Wolves have extremely keen senses, particularly that of smell. Hundred times greater than humans. The sense endows them with great discrimination and is often associated with spiritual idealism in metaphysical circles.

Hunting depends strongly upon its sense of smell and hearing.

Teach: a reminder to listen to our own thoughts and words. Intuition is strong as their fur and hair have long been associated with psychic abilities.

Teach: learning to trust your own insights, intuitions, and guards you from inappropriate actions.

Mercury = Brown Bear = Awakening the Powers of the Unconscious

Bear has lunar symbology giving it ties to the subconscious and even unconscious mind. As a symbol of alchemy, it relates to all initial stages and primal instincts.

Native Americans thought of bear as kin to humans because they can stand and walk on two legs. Myths and stories of bears being turned into humans, humans into bears, and bears as gods.

For many bears and wolves are the last true symbols of the primal, natural world.

Bears do not truly hibernate living on the stored-up fat. Their body temperature drops (13 degrees) and their breathing rate is cut in half.

Teach: how to go within to find your resource necessary for survival.

Teach: how to draw upon all of your inner stores of energy and essence even those which have never been tapped or accessed.

Meditating and working with a bear will help you go within your soul’s den, your inner sanctum – to find your answers.

During winter sleep the black bear’s kidneys shut down completely. The kidneys serve the vital function of excreting urine and filtering the blood.

Teaches: Metaphysically, the kidneys are symbols of discernment and discrimination. Bear Medicine can teach you to go deep within so that you can make your choices and decisions from a position of power.

Bears are very fast and can climb trees. Trees are a powerful and ancient symbol, just like bears. Trees are natural antennas connecting heaven and earth. One of the many meanings of trees is knowledge. Symbol of fertility, of things that grow.

Teaches: go in and awaken the potentials inherent, the tree serves as a reminder that we must bring what we awaken to out into the world and apply it – as bears do to trees, make our mark on the world.

Teaches: It is important not to hide away and try to hibernate all year-round.

Bear cubs usually stay with the mother for two years.

Teaches: patience with your projects which may not come to full fruition until the second year of a cycle.

Bears love honey. Honey is the natural sweetness of life.

Teaches: go within to awaken your power, but only by bringing it out into the open and applying it will the honey of life be tasted.


Virgo New Moon 15° Sept 6th Degree Significance = Looking for honest emotional reciprocity in relationships. Sincere expressions of affection vs. buying a favor. Adorning oneself to present their best self-expression. Attention to needs & wishes. Living life to build wonderful memories. Straight shooting honesty. Seeing things from a different point of view.

Pisces Full Moon 29° Sept 20th Degree Significance = confidently manifesting a luminous vision of life and the world. Living into one’s vision by bringing it down into the smallest details of one’s life. Seeing nature’s transcendent beauty and poetry as life’s primary reality. Nurturing people’s spiritual life. Sharing personal cultural impulses.

Important ENERGY PATTERNS (Planetary Pairs) New Moon in Virgo

Neptune oppose New Sun/Moon = Delusion about self-importance. Playing roles of savior or victim. Escaping through daydreams. Questions about meeting a partner’s needs; Dreams vs. the real world. Weakened faith in others. Confusion around partner’s feelings. Compensating for the neglect of others. Questions of honesty about feelings of others;

Neptune oppose Mars = Abandoning principles too quickly and easily. Struggles to continue tasks. Neglecting priorities. Deception by partners or friends. Ambiguous or deceptive demands for romantic attachments to others;

Eclipse square New Moon = Struggles with opinions, perspectives of others. Learning by being flexible and adaptable of others ideas. Using factual information for making decisions.

Pluto trine Mars = Courage to pursue difficult goals or to meet challenges. Sticking through to the end during tuff circumstances. Emotional reactions of others. Giving suggestions for better planning or approaches.

Mercury/Saturn trine N. Node = Trusting instincts to present information to others. Abilities to attract the right types of people.

Uranus trine New Moon = Drive for individuality/freedom while balancing your needs and your partners. Grabbing the attention for yourself. Embracing change from the norm.


Gibbous Phase = the phase where the masculine passes the baton to the feminine sometimes referred to as “the wobble.” We are learning to receive instead of asserting personal ambitions and emotions as humans have the noble function of establishing harmony, peace, and beauty within humanity as a whole along with nature. We must learn to integrate our experiences with others and learn to reconcile differences with others. We must learn to reconcile warring factions within ourselves since there is no battle between common interests. Attention is turned to external conflict while we process negative emotions with the whole. We must find emotional balance and learn to contribute value and meaning to society and life. Love is the quality of unselfish motives and is opposed to struggle and competition. Cooperation is the law of human progress and will be learned in Gibbous.

HEALING for Gibbous

The female emotional body cannot analyze and handle the present cycle without processing negative emotions from the past as well as processing re-actions of others examining our motivations. We must “visualize” (sight) the realization of the common goal held with others utilizing other's input. We must “re-frame” emotional conflict to fit the current outlook.


Angel of Discernment (Virgo)

In the quietness of my mind, I am consciously aware of the Presence of God I AM, and I contemplate my Holy Name: I AM…I AM…I AM…I AM…I AM…I AM…I AM.

In the stillness of my Holy Self, I am conscious of the watching, listening, sensitive nature of the cosmic field of causation all around me. It is receiving even now the pulsations of my mental and emotional energies. It hears every thought, feels every emotion, responds to every word, reacts to every action.

I seek to impress upon it only that which is good, true, and beautiful, for that is how I see my life and my world from the divine perspective. I know that I am not alone in working with this great, receptive, Causal Force.

Within the magnificent radiance, I AM stands the Angel of Discernment, my guide to high perception and deep inner knowing. Come forth, my angel. Let the Holy Spirit lead you into my awareness now.

I feel your Presence and know that you are now free to be the Light of holy discrimination in my consciousness. And I commit this day to think, feeling, speaking, and acting only for the highest good of all.

Now is the time of my new beginning. I am a co-creator with God, and it is a new heaven that comes as the goodwill of God is expressed on earth through me. It is the Kingdom of Light, Love, Peace, and Understanding, and I am doing my part to reveal its Reality.

I begin with me. I am a living soul, and the Presence of God dwells in me, as Me. I and the Father are one, and all that the Father has is mine. In Truth, I am the Spirit of God.

What is true for me is true for everyone, for God is all, and all is God. I see only the Spirit of God in every soul. And to every man, woman, and child on earth I say, for you are me. You are my Holy Self.

I now open my heart and let the pure essence of Unconditional Love pour out. I see it as a golden light radiating from the center of my being, and I feel its divine vibration in and through me, above and below me.

I am one with the Light. I am filled with the Light. I am illumined by the Light. I am the Light of the world.

And my life is good so very good.

The Angel of Illusion and Reality (Mercury)

As I look below, I see the child I was, afraid of the shadows, thus interpreting wrongly, perceiving falsely, and imprisoning my divine messenger, the one who pierces the illusion to reveal Reality.

That is all in the past, I am no longer a child living in darkness. I am growing UP, going UP, and in my ascension, I see the Light of the world of my divine consciousness and I move into this light of my Self, the glorious radiance of Spirit.

From this mountaintop of eternal brilliance, I look before me and see only the shining beacon of Truth revealing the Reality that has always been.

Of what was I afraid? Whom did I fear? There was nothing in the shadows that could harm me; it was only my reaction to the darkness that bound me to this illusion.

In the light of understanding, I see this now, and I will remember what I have seen. From the very beginning, my Spirit went before me to create harmony, beauty, and peace, and it forever lives within me, guiding me to follow those same footprints in the sands of time.

Beloved Lord and Master Self within, day by day I am growing into your likeness, and I know that soon, in a flash of Light, the two shall become one and I will know myself as God being me, eternally.

My Holy Self, I ask that you guide me to meet the Angel of Illusion and Reality, the Hand of Spirit signifying creative intelligence. Let us proceed now.

With the Spirit of God within as your guide, take the inner journey to meet this mediator between the lower and the higher minds and establish a bond of friendship and cooperation.

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