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Medicine Wheel Conulstation/Reading:Marvin Lee Wilkerson, Astro-Psychology, Certified Hypnotist, Master NLP

Medicine Wheel

Consultation / Reading


A Medicine Wheel Consultation is derived from your Astrology Chart by placing the planets and signs around the Medicine Wheel. This chart interpretation is first and foremost a more spiritual reading. It will define how you are using your energy to understand your life and how you are working toward an alignment with your spiritual center. It will show conflicted energies or stress points and allow you to simply understand what you are trying to accomplish on the spirit paths with the energy.


An Astrology chart and a Medicine Wheel chart work in a circular fashion but the Medicine Wheel chart will use a natural earth language that is sometimes easier to understand because you're equating your experience of your use of the energy with natural earth life. 


An Astrology chart is read counter-clockwise while the Medicine Wheel chart

is read clockwise. This gives the person a more internal understanding of your

life. It does not read others in your life except for how your actions and

attitudes should be to properly respond to others for growth and moving

toward a heart-centered life.


It is much easier to relate to nature and harmonize with all of earth's life.

Harmonizing with nature, all life on earth is what the Native Americans

called Medicine and Healing. This reading is organized by the Medicine

Wheel to clearly understand how you were meant to be in harmony with life.


Knowing where you are putting the energies in your life allows you to see

what part of life is the most significant in this lifetime for spiritual achievement.

Unlike most Astrology, which works with houses, the Medicine Wheel works

toward adopting characteristics, actions, and responses to life.


Animals are something you can connect with and receive messages from

every day unlike wondering where the moon is. Astrology slants towards

psychology in interpretation and the Medicine Wheel is more inclined to

interpret the here and now of your feelings, actions, and attitudes.


Working with a Medicine Wheel works one day at a time to find your true self while finding harmony in life with yourself and others. It works to energize your vision of life and how you would like your life to evolve. It gives you a path to stay in balance with your everyday life. It simply has a natural flow. 


Sun Bear's Vision of the Medicine Wheel

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