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The Taurus New Moon Outline

Taurus is earthy and enjoys the pleasure of living in the physical world. The need for survival teaches us all self-worth, self-reliance, and the wisdom of true understanding.

The Taurus New Moon = In Taurus we find ourselves in the middle of spring, with the new growth of nature and the abundance of flourishing life. This is the sign where humans come to understand and delight in earthly and human pleasures. The instinct in all human beings to survive. Taurus is ruled by Venus, Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. Our earthly pleasures give us great joy but they provide the ability to survive. In Taurus, we come to understand that we are the creator of our life and all its abundance. Venus/Taurus stands for the principle of attraction with strong magnetism. This is the fixed sign of learning to nature, grow, and beautify our environment. And all are created by our imagination. As we learn in Venus/Taurus we are responsible for bringing into manifestation all earthly needs once we identify our power of wisdom and understanding of creation that is part of our heritage as children of God—we realize the Spirit of Abundance goes through our being and it is impossible to have lack. This is the sign of self-reliance along with self-worth and how much value others place on that worth.

Keywords: Taurus = Accumulating, determined, devoted, persistent, stable, Negative: indulgent, rigid, stubborn;

Venus = Art, beauty, love, sweet, harmonious, musical, artistic, Negative: display, lazy, sensuality, flirtatious;

2nd House = Inner emotions & feelings, emotional resources, money/finances, acquired wealth, values/moral

OUTLINE N/M Taurus/Venus Taurus Archetype

Taurus/2nd House—Venus—Yin—Fixed—Earth

Venus = the only planet with no poles and spins in a clockwise rotation. This creates an outward direction of energy. Thus man radiates outward towards others and devotes his consciousness to giving rather than expecting.

Leading to evolution instead of involution.

Thus spiritual unfoldment of mankind is only possible through understanding and feeling the love vibration of Venus.

Taurus = Uses the ENERGY of INSTINCT & DESIRE to ensure…………SURVIVAL! Inherent in every organism;

1. Caveman needed to do it minute to minute.

2. Dependent upon organism’s RESOURCE’S or TALENT & ABILITIES i.e. our talents to make money which is our means of survival;

Resource/Talents/Abilities = WHAT WE VALUE! = will connect to our MEANING or BELIEF STRUCTURES/SYSTEMS; = which will form our PHILOSOPHY or RELIGION;

Venus = the goddess of Love; She has to be constantly validated by others to know that this is so;

Venus = Beauty, and love are truly within but buried under layers and layers of shame, guilt, insecurity, doubt, and fear;

Taurus/Venus = Survival = correlates to the SEXUAL FUNCTION to PROCREATE; Our Sexual values as well i.e. the internal sexual values;

The NEED to SURVIVE will produce the need for SELF-RELIANCE or SELF-SUFFICIENCY or the reliance on the (TAURUS polarity SCORPIO) SOMEONE or SOMETHING ELSE i.e. an EXTERNAL VALUE;

Potential for Co-Dependency

INHERENT RESOURCES/TOOLS/ABILITIES…..but also aware of LIMITATIONS; i.e. natural inconjunct (friction) to (LIBRA) others—RELATIONSHIPS—becoming aware of their resources—where we may IDENTIFY a NEED TO SURVIVE from THEM;


EXTREMES produced= Needy of others or totally concerned with own sustainment to the point of ISOLATION i.e. frog-in-the-well;

Co-Dependence vs. Independence

Ensures the EVOLUTIONARY principle of SELF-SUSTAINMENT through a failure of others to provide our NEEDS;

Which forces the evolutionary principle to OVER-COME-OUR-OWN-LIMITATIONS;

Angel of Abundance (Venus)

Mother Goddess; Great Mother principle; = Fertile, Bountiful, Nurturing;

Radiates the Spiritual Essence of = PROSPERITY, BEAUTY, LUXURY, WELL-BEING;

Humans = Extension of Spirit-Self; the vortex through which creative energy passes; UNLESS BLOCK by EGO projections of HUMAN MISPERCEPTIONS & IGNORANCE;

ENERGY of VENUS; = Capacity to create Beauty, Harmony, Material Prosperity, Ability to Attract People & Things that humans LOVE & DESIRE to have; diffused by the ego = Financial Limitations, Insecurity, Family Conflict, Sexual, Career problems;

Obstruction found in consciousness & what the beliefs of GOD & ABUNDANCE are!

Angel of Abundance = created by Spirit to be the agent of PRIMARY PROVISIONS of the KINGDOM—INFINITE SUPPLY;

ABUNDANCE = True nature of GOD & humans true nature at the moment of INDIVIDUALIZATION; (when the Supreme Being expressed itself as YOU—nothing was left out; Every attribute of Spirit, including abundance, was given in its fullest—meaning INFINITE & ETERNAL;

Taught in SCHOOLS of WISDOM & SPIRITUAL ACADEMIES of ANTIQUITY that GOD does not become directly involved with effects—money, food, clothing, homes, transportation;

Gift of ABUNDANCE = CREATIVE ENERGY, the thread & fabric of CONSCIOUSNESS that expresses in the MATERIAL WORLD.

Conscious awareness of the Presence of God i.e. becoming part of CONSCIOUSNESS = SPIRITUAL INFUSION; the energy flows into MANIFESTATION through YOU, reproducing the VIBRATION of your consciousness in the WORLD of FORM!

“Imagination is everything”

“She manifests, not objects, but patterns on the spiritual plane. These patterns are the manifestation of the abstract idea of creation. She emits patterns for the structure of existence. She provides the blueprint of nature or Matrix of the Soul.”

The Empress within you is the MASTER CREATOR in the world of form. In order to emit a new form, you must first be receptive to an abstract idea and allow such ideas to be implanted in your SELF, soul, or personal matrix.


FIRST STAGE = Receiver of the IDEA; you are the all-attracting spirit. The essence of love;

SECOND STAGE = you are the NURTURER; You HOLD & CRADLE life; you are all ABUNDANT;



Law of Abundance vs. Law of Lack! = You can choose.

Example of Law of Lack or Financial Problems =

Effective thinking does not FOCUS on the EFFECT! But on the REASON for the EFFECT! To correct the misperception in consciousness i.e. you’ve been given IMAGINATIVE POWER;

Trading one EFFECT 4 another EFFECT =

Praying to CHANGE effects = admitting one effect has POWER over us, saying it’s become the source of UNHAPPINESS; “I do not like this effect…Give me a different one, and this time make it more pleasurable”


Our CONSCIOUSNESS produces an undesirable experience! We must understand that the inner world is SECONDARY to the OUTER WORLD;

“Do what you LOVE to DO MOST & equate the MONEY FLOW coming endlessly from the source.”

Angel of Spiritual Understanding (Taurus)

This Angel stands at the Gate of expression to help us grasp, comprehend, absorb, interpret, know, and appreciate the meaning of all things—including ourselves. The ENERGY of OPEN-MINDEDNESS;

True Understanding = in our consciousness;

1. Must develop an intellectual understanding of our divine constitution;


Difference between WISDOM & UNDERSTANDING?

Wisdom = Skill in action—the know-how to solve any problem & ability to fulfill one's need;

Understanding =

1. Contemplative energy i.e. thoughtful, meditative;

2. Brings conscious mind into greater rapport with the SOUL; Divine identity takes place;

3. Opens the mind to HARMLESSNESS; the motive behind all activity is GOODWILL;

Blocked by EGO projections = opinionated; stubborn; obstinate; know-it-all attitude; unyielding personality;

Tibetan Master DK (Alice Bailey)

Taurus forges the instruments of constructive living or of destruction; it forges the chains which bind or creates the key which unlocks the mystery of life. This energy—Taurus—manifests as stubbornness in the average man or as INTELLIGENTLY EXPRESSED WILL-actuated by the impulse of LOVE.”

“The Eye shining from the head of the constellation of Taurus is the TRANSMITTER of that cosmic light which is called “the penetrating Light of the Path.” (The Symphony of the Zodiac)

When inspired by the light of the EYE OF TAURUS one will seek out the DIVINE PLAN, to understand GOD’S WILL and put their divinity into action and expression.

The world most people live in is a product of the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS which constantly mirrors duality. The false world produces by MIND or what’s called ILLUSION.

TRUE REALITY = Must accept the GOD SELF I AM as infinite supply, wholeness, perfection, creative success, peace, and the essence of all relationships.

“To those who give shall be given so that they can give again”

NEW MOON 22° Taurus Degree Meaning = Bridging two worlds; determination to impart an important message from a higher vibrational plane; Getting people on one’s wavelength; Becoming aware of the collective mind through psychic perception;

FULL MOON 6° Sagittarius Degree Meaning = Making adjustments to promote teamwork and group morale; Developing winning routines; Playing fair; Rising through the ranks by perfecting one’s skill; Uniting people against a common obstacle;

Important ENERGY PATTERNS (Planetary Pairs) for the New Moon;

Jupiter/Venus square = Caution around giving too much opinion w/o facts; Prone to erroneous assumptions; Increase conceit about one’s abilities;

Chiron/Mars square = Healing our aggressive nature; Taking note of our intentions and motivations; Allowing others values. Aggressive use of energy

Venus/Mars balsamic cycle = Too much idealism in relationships; Not accepting others as they are and trying to fix them; Karmic relationships; Choosing to let go when it’s over;


Crescent Phase May 5th= 3.8-7.4; 33.2-36.10; 62.8-66.4; Cancer/Moon; Male Physical Body; triggered by—Intuition/Instincts i.e. taste, smell, touch; Sacral Chakra; Keys = Intuition/Instinct to track desires; Self-assertive; Persistent; Using Black Sheep archetype; Faith in self; Quality action; Eager; Listen to Superconscious voice; Relates to—Voluntary Nervous system;

Crescent Phase = Crescent phase is where we need to move forward in life away from the past security of the known. The need is to now quiet the emotions of New phase and allows the instincts to take over as the instinctive impulses to survive will encourage the right action. We must learn to develop and listen to the inner dialogue to follow our true destiny. We need to relate to our “surroundings,” community, and all things extending from the self. This is the “pack status” phase where we find our role in society and family surroundings. We must develop/maintain trust and faith to move forward in spite of the pressures of fears and self-doubt. This phase is the Male Instinctive/Intuitive Body or Physical Body of man. Taste, smell, and touch are the triggers for this phase as here are where we are connected to our memory of survival. Instinct connects to our male awareness of our sub-conscious voice. At Crescent, we need to develop a routine or “Ritual” to empower daily activities with a conscious intention.

Medicine Wheel Totems of Taurus/Venus

Taurus = Beaver, Builder of Dreams

With extra-large lungs, can stay submerged for up to 15 minutes. Take in more oxygen and tolerate carbon dioxide than humans.

Teach: Lessons about breath and its control for the greatest health and effectiveness.

Water is associated with emotions and dreams. We commonly dream of home and family. Like humans home and family are important. Beavers mate for life.

Teach: Opportunity to build upon your dreams.

Beavers are master home builders. Perform magnificent feats of engineering in the felling of trees and the building of dams. Homes have intricate canals, and they keep them in constant repair.

Totem: Their skill is linked to the ancient and mystical Masons.

If Beaver losses a tooth it will usually die.

Totem: Proper dental hygiene and care are essential.

Beaver serves the entire community. Felled trees enable the brush to grow to feed the deer and moose. Dams help farmlands for humans. A beaver pond will fill with silt. When beaver leaves, the dam becomes a pond and as the water drains off it leaves rich soil.

Teach: Our efforts to build our dreams serve the human community.

Teach: We have to act on our dreams to make them a reality. Beaver totem can show you how to construct wonderful dreams.

Venus = Owl

Keynote: The Mystery of Magic, Omens, Silent Wisdom, and Vision in the Night.

To the ancient Greeks, owls were a symbol of higher wisdom because of tremendous eyesight Owls can see what others cannot. Many superstitions and beliefs being associated with Owl.

Owl is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection, and magic, both black and white.

Vision and hearing capabilities have metaphysical links to the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience as well.

Teach: Since they can see in the night they are aware of the night’s secrets by seeing what’s not in the open.

Owls fly silently.

Teach: Keep silent and go about your business. This brings the greatest success.



Angel of the Spirit I AM, I invoke your POWER and FORCE to clear my consciousness of all false beliefs regarding money, and to open wide your GATE and flood my world with the infinite abundance I am and have. I ask this in love and for the good of all. Let my financial all-sufficiency come forth now for my right use—quickly, easily, and peacefully.”

Bring to mind the divine pattern of Abundance and feel it securely in place in your heart center. Now look deep within and with the inner eye see the divine flow coming forth. See the LIGHT emanating from the HOLY SELF, shining through the GATES of ABUNDANCE, extending on through that perfect “slide” and pouring out to illumine your world with omnipresent prosperity. Work with the flow by radiating your LOVE.

“I now radiate with deep feelings of love the LIGHT of the world I AM, and I see the golden rays of substance covering and penetrating my world. The divine REALITY is replacing the human effects, and I see everything in my world as whole and perfect. My life is good, so very, very good.”

With your mind’s eye see yourself living in joyous abundance. See everything complete and in divine order, with absolutely no sense of need registering in consciousness. Know that you are looking at REALITY!


“Most HIGH within, I come before you this day to release everything that is holding me back from spiritual understanding. I give up all judgment and criticism, for to judge and criticize another is to pass sentence on myself, and I choose to be free.”

“I surrender my closed-mindedness, my opinionated views, my inflexible attitudes, my unyielding personality, for I have bound myself in the mire of projecting my own expectations and convictions upon others, and I choose to be free. As I free them, I free myself, and we shall now walk the Path together as holy brothers and sisters in the LIGHT.”

“I am a seeker of TRUTH, and I open my mind to the divine inflow of spiritual understanding. I feel the magnificent energy of knowingness filling me now. My very consciousness is being initiated into the mysteries of life, and in this sacred ceremony I ask you, my radiant PRESENCE, to mold me to the divine WILL, and let me dwell constantly in the realization of who I AM and in the eternal oneness of SELFHOOD.”

“I now accept the mantle of UNDERSTANDING.”

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