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Updated: Jan 12

Every year the Sun returns to the position of our birth. It is very relevant in many theories of practice but none more than Astrology. Astrology is the interpretation of energy and the Sun is most assuredly energy. So speaking symbolically lets examine the Sun’s significance. It represents power and the source of all life. Life itself is a creative function so the Sun represents creativity, our creativity to which we use our power to produce unique, personal and individual expressions. The Sun is the most important energy in our solar system. Hence it is the most important energy in our life. As individuals we grow, mature and use our life gift of energy that is unique to every living organism on the planet.

Some of the things we do with our energy and power are pro-create which means we are a part of creating new life through seeding and birthing children. We experience and become a participant in activities that help define us such as sports, taking risk, hobbies, play, and use our creativity uniquely for acting, music, painting, and all kinds of artistry that express our hearts desire to be who we with a desire to become more than who we are right now.

In Astrology a solar return represents how and where we will apply this solar power or life force energy. In the mechanics of evolution this solar power changes each year of our life so we experience certain diverse situations in which we continually grow. The Sun symbolizes our purpose in life. So this return brings with it a new chart or horoscope which speaks to the rebirth of each year of our lives. A horoscope is interpreted from a 360 degree circle which lays various experiences in our lives. As an example we have our independent self which is reflected by our relationships and experience thereof.  Or our home life vs. our career and work life and so on.

A solar return can define these given areas of life for the coming year of the new self. Where will one expressed themselves with their full power and creativity? And as the previously stated this return comes with a new set of energies which further define how and where we will express this yearly life. There inlays the uniqueness of this particular chart. Consider these few points and decide for yourself if an interpretation would be beneficial.

·        The place of your greatest focus and use of energy.

·        Where you will experience emotional change and security desires.

·        How will your thinking and values, what’s important, will influence the year.

·        Where will you be most aggressive to acquire your desires?

·        The place of opportunities to expand your life and activities.

·        Where is the greatest struggle or hardest work and responsibility?

·        How will you experience the greatest of change?

·        Where will you need to give unconditionally?

·        Where will you demand to break free from status quo?

·        How do you integrate socially to be successful?

Actually this is just a small sample. How we get along with others in all areas of our life I’ve found helps to balance ourselves when we realize change is not the end of the world or that we must make change. For many this is an unknown part of Astrology that can be very valuable resource when understanding directly current experiences.

This chart or horoscope actually begins to take effect about three months prior to the actual return. My personal feeling and experience is by one month prior one can really identify with the interpretation and adjust thinking and feelings accordingly. So on your birth or slightly before seek out your Astrologer for a little insight that could help in a big way.


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