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Sagittarius New Moon Outline

Sagittarius New Moon = Keyword: “I perceive.” Represented by the ‘archer’ who shoots into the air though he knows not its destiny. They are interested in the forward thrust, moving into the future.

The symbol for Sagittarius is the Centaur, half human half animal, carrying a bow and arrow aimed heavenward. This represents his attempt to liberate himself from his lower nature (animal self) and become that which he already is on the higher plane (Divine Self).

Sagittarius governs understanding and the superconscious mind.

The Sagittarian is friendly, outgoing, optimistic, and outgoing in their approach. Note: they have been caught hanging from chandeliers at parties. They love sports and gambling and are willing to take a chance on anything.

“Don’t fence me in” is their battle cry for they are independent and freedom is their breath of life. Sagittarians are interested in the forward thrust, moving into the future. They love to travel and are the proverbial “gypsies” of the zodiac.

Once their desire for distant and earthly horizons turns inward and upward the Higher mind and spiritual philosophies become their new exploration. They will not be caught in dogma or creed.

Their keyword is “perception”, another word for “intuition.”

Here are the salesman, counselors, ministers, personnel directors, promoter types, and humanitarian movements. With an innate understanding of people.

The unevolved Sagittarius can be the con man. Their glib tongue and easy-going manner can be deceiving.

And it can be as direct as an arrow and sometimes just as harmful with an unerring ability to hit the other fellow’s weak point as they have a much-focused aim. Say things they forget and others never do. Tact is needed.

Another liability is procrastination. They do put off until tomorrow that which could be done today. Lack of organization and lack of discipline always takes their toll on the nervous system.

Sagittarius is represented by the Angel of Patience and Acceptance that teaches the lesson of the proper life in the Divine Plan. The way of the plan is the divine process, which must be trusted to the utmost.

Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius and is represented by the Angel of Cycles and Solutions. This angel teaches and guides us to understand our journey is always taking us upwards. She takes us by the hand and gently leads us on the curving path, meeting the challenges and solving the problems of the previous cycle. The solutions are revealed by showing us with great clarity that the problem never existed in the first place, that is a miscreation in mind.


Sagittarius =Active, expansive, optimistic,generous,philosophical; Negative: fanatical,gambler,scattered

Jupiter = Philanthropy,good-fortune,broad-minded, travel;Negative: pompous, gullible,over-confident,excess

9th House = Religious,higher thought,logic, judgment, long journeys, beliefs, commerce;

Sagittarius Archetype

Sagittarius = Flexible, Adaptive thinking; Fire;

Symbol of the ARCHER = Mind works as the swiftness of an arrow going straight to the mark;

FIRE IMPULSIVENESS is STRENGTH & WEAKNESS; = Quick to the mark, quick to perceive truth, quick to perceive faults & imperfections….prone to HASTY Action;

Fire awakens in the heart longing for divine truth and the desire to comprehend with the earthly mind the secrets of the cosmos, which can only be known through the soul rising into a different dimension.

TRUTH…relative to the phenomenon of CREATION; something in EXISTENCE…must EXPLAIN that existence;

Sign of TRAVEL…both MENTAL & PHYSICAL; rules Higher Education & Universities; TRAVEL = Transmigration of ideas = “Questioning the NATURE of ONE’S BELIEF” = Causes you to think DIFFERENTLY; = which will relate to your ATTITUDE about life & living;

Linked to something larger than the PLANET; seeing into Space…seeing STARS & PLANETS—creates a consciousness of connection—which creates PHILOSOPHICAL Thinking; SPECULATION;


Signifies the TRAINED & PERFECTED BODY…swiftness of limbs, the strength, clear sight of the ATHLETE;

Will tend to orientate towards a PORTION of TOTAL TRUTH;

Becomes generalizations = a belief that one philosophy fits everyone; i.e. Billy Graham syndrome; the need for security causes the need to convert & convince;

Argumentative = Confrontation through PHILOSOPHICAL…INTELLECTUAL disagreements/arguments to make a person aware of their limitations in existing BELIEFS = EXPOSES the NEED to EVOLVE;

Following extremes of life & death Scorpio…HUMOR…& Laughter = POSITIVE HEALING;

Sagittarius creates the ability to laugh at oneself; Not take life so seriously = NOTHING REALLY STICKS TO YOU;

Health to be an INNER FUNCTION of RADIANCE. Inner Radiance, radiating outward to a healthy world will not allow you to be SICK;

Inner Radiance strengthens the immune system, regulated by “NEPTUNE” & “PISCES” (connection to ALL IN ALL);

JUPITER planetary energy/ruler of Sagittarius

Frees the Mind of its PREDJUDICES & BARRIERS; i.e. a traveled person, friends of all nationalities, parts of society take a broader view;

Jupiter…breaks the barrier between the (2) two worlds;

Sagittarius has a PROPHETIC QUALITY; Hunches; Pictures of Coming Events; Prophetic Dreams;

A thinning of the VEILS between the Worlds; i.e. the wise men (magi = astrologers) saw Jupiter as the star of Bethlehem = lead them to the birthplace of Christ;

Through the Transportation of IDEAS, T.V. RADIOS, INTERNET, SOCIAL MEDIA, COMMUNICATION INSTANTLY RECEIVED BY PEOPLE SIMULTANEOUSLY ALL OVER THE PLANET, never before have we received this level of communication in history. = CREATING A LEVEL OF COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, & AWARENESS greater than ever before;

Law Giver = Brings Expansion of Consciousness to bring a VISION of the works of DIVINE LAW; i.e. NATURAL LAW;

Truths are self-evident in NATURE that has nothing to do with MAN’S Opinion;

Increased responsiveness to inspiration & intuition; Right Brain/6th Sense; INTUITION is NON-LINEAR which causes VISIONS to Occur; i.e. not time-specific; the interface between the conscious mind and spiritual realms;


These promote—BELIEF SYSTEMS; the nature of one’s Belief system determines how we INTERPRET REALITY; How we interpret Reality does not make it a UNIVERSAL TRUTH;

Angel of Patience & Acceptance


Angel of Patience & Acceptance = the Queen of Heaven

A soul's journey = we are all on a Divine Train…golden….we boarded the train with our descent into matter. We cannot leave until the final destination; TRAIN= Plan, purpose, vision, & will of God; the process of individual reawakening & realization of the divinity of every soul on every plane of existence everywhere. DESTINATION = 5TH KINGDOM; Realm of Pure Being where Peace & love are absolute; Time of arrival = the flash signifying the Christing of collective consciousness, healing & harmonizing Planet Earth.

All souls in all dimensions are on the train;

In fact, all life in every unmanifest and manifest form in the four lower kingdoms can be found on it.

It is the train of life.

Front of Train = relaxed, serene & joyful, words of confidence, trust, acceptance, no fear of the future. They still experience human violations, crime, drugs, child abuse; tough scenarios but all belief in GOD’S PLAN; Side of Train = doom & gloom; dread; Can’t hear the voice of the angel for being so preoccupied with perceived lies;

Voice of the Angel:

Live in Patience = attitude of perseverance & tenacity;

Live in Acceptance = regardless of appearance beauty & harmony will manifest.

When we truly commit our lives to Spirit, to be in charge of our lives, there is nothing to worry about regardless of how difficult the situation appears.

We all have down days, financial pinch, suffered spiritual constipation, out of it spiritually, attempted to desert the path & find an easier road, the door to meditation was blocked, affirmations a bore, wanted to play earthman—be a hedonist;

The Master Self Says = It’s really no big deal. It is just some old energy moving to the surface to be transmuted. Quit worrying so much about where & how you strayed & get on with the business of living.

Just be yourself, whatever that is on any given day. NO ONE IS KEEPING SCORE!!!!

Stop straining so hard to be SPIRITUAL—YOU ALREADY ARE!!!! RELAX AND ENJOY THE RIDE!!!

Simply accept THE WILL & PLAN OF GOD.

ANGEL OF PATIENCE & ACCEPTANCE = Feminine; Goddess of the rainbow & messenger of the Gods; She carries the COMMANDS of the GODS to MEN, traveling the path of the rainbow. Known as the QUEEN OF HEAVEN courier for the QUEEN of the GODS, keeper of the MYSTERIES—the archetype the ANGEL OF CREATIVE WISDOM; THE HOLY HELPER TO TRUST THE DIVINE PROCESS;

Rainbow = channel or passage between the realm of the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS & the PERSONALITY;


The ultimate surrender is acceptance of the PRESENCE of GOD WITHIN AS YOUR SELF”

Her ENERGY is BLOCKED by fear of the future; lack of trust in the divine process; sense of futility; adjusting to new situations;

SAGITTARIUS = intellect is developed, used & illumined; higher mindedness = INTUITIVE PERCEPTION = where VISION of ATTAINMENT is seen…what has to be done…and makes rapid progress…”travels fast upon the way.”


The Angel of Cycles & Solutions


The Master Self is expressing all good fortune at every moment in time & space. But until we reach that remembered state of consciousness, we endure the EBB & FLOW of “CYCLES.” The old mystics said life was a “journey of the wheel.”

(Ecclesiastes 3:1-9) called it “seasons”—a time for everything including killing, mourning, hating, and warring;

The wheel-like image in the Book of Ezekiel and the cosmogram, Dr. Pruitt suggested, “represented the universe, and the path we travel through this world and the afterlife” and “it stands for the enduring connections between this world and the next, the power from above and below. Cycles = part of a SPIRAL which is always going up always in the ascendancy.

Cyclic forces & rhythmic processes are DIVINELY DESIGNED TO PROPEL US FORWARD!

We are UNAWARE that the SPIRAL will take us from one EXPANSION in CONSCIOUSNESS

TO ANOTHER until we reach illumination;

We have guilt over some imagined wrong action on our part that we feel, unconsciously perhaps, deserves some form of PUNISHMENT;



You have never made a mistake.

What you did was CONSCIOUSNESS-in-ACTION & you really had no choice because you did what you did because that is where you were in CONSCIOUSNESS.

The LAW of CONSCIOUSNESS….always out pictures itself & perfectly fulfilled through your actions in thought, word & deed.

Therefore your actions were perfect—regardless of the karmic obligations incurred.

Your divine consciousness, the Reality of you, has its own BEAT, VIBRATION, & RHYTHM.

By adjusting your mind & feeling nature to your own particular soul pulsation through MEDITATION, LISTENING, LIVING THE SPIRITUAL LIFE, you rise above the HILL--AND –VALLEY experience.

FOCUSING = on the world of effects (vs. upward spiral of consciousness), is the “CAUSE” for any experience of CONTRACTION becomes a GATHERING OF POWER,

POWER which will flow according to the clearest picture we HOLD in OUR MIND positive or negative.

POWER = gathering force for a mighty leap into the new activity of good;

CREATIVE IMAGINATION = “the clearest picture”

When the personality/ego becomes our dominant thought our body responds with illness, insufficiency, and conflict. Our higher mind, spiritual consciousness is no longer allowed the guidance and lead in our life.


Block by negative thoughts i.e. “I just know something bad is going to happen” “too good to be true”;



Change is natural & will have its way no matter what; the PERSONALITY must consent to go along for the ride—to be FLEXIBLE, MOLDABLE, & follow the way of SELF that leads through the maze.

Medicine Wheel Animal Totems

Sagittarius = Elk = Most Regal; Powerful; Strong; Stamina; Protected;

Strength & Nobility

Stamina: Run, trotting pace for a Long Time;


Elks take 4 to 5 years to reach maturity

TEACH: You Have Hit Your Stride; How to PACE yourself;

TEACH: New Projects/Tasks could take 4/5 yrs.

ELKS stay with OWN GENDER;

TEACH: To remind us we need Opposite Sex = BALANCE;

Neck Swells during Rutting Season; = Declaring Territory; Affirming Relationship w/COWS;

NECK = Bridge Area = Crossing Over = Need for Company of OPPOSITE SEX; if only, non-sexual for BALANCE;

TEACH: Balancing = Bridging Energies to HIGHER LEVELS;

Live in HERDS; = Need for Companionship/Group Support


Use Babysitters; Very Protective Young;

TEACH: Protective Parents Imagined or Real;

Jupiter = Ant = Industriousness, Order, and Discipline

Symbol: Work & Industry

Acclaimed for: Wisdom & Intellect

Most are part of a COMMUNITY; By themselves= Simple & uncomplicated behavior

COMMUNITY= Many Activities & Behaviors

Ants are SOCIAL


Ants do Farm (grow fungus) Have Food Exchanges w/in Community

Make SLAVES of other Ants to Perform LABORS; DISCIPLINE – ORDERLY = everyone knows Place


Queens = Find & fertilize New Colonies

Winged Males = Fertilize Queens

Sterile Females = Babysitters & Laborers

Queen can FLY until fertilized; then sacrifices flight


Teach: Building & Industry INCREASE in 12 yr. CYCLE; also include 12 = days, months, years

Skilled Architects


Teach: How to BUILD; Become ARCHITECT of your LIFE; How to CONSTRUCT DREAMS into REALITY

Teach: Examination of yourself

Are you Industrious? Disciplined for current TASK? Being Patient w/Efforts? Looking for Quick & Easy? Neglecting important Activities? Laying good Foundation? Making things more difficult? Missing opportunity-Initiate New Creations/Endeavors?

Teach: How to Harness POWER to Design & Re-Create Life Circumstances; How Best to Work w/OTHERS;

Regardless of circumstances if: EFFORTS TRUE, REWARDS FOLLOW in Right TIME & MANNER



New Moon is about learning and applying these qualities for the 30-day cycle.

Solar and Lunar eclipses bring empowerment and change. Solar empowerment potential comes in the way of opportunity infusing our lives with creativity, new perspectives, and prospects in particular areas of our lives. Solar eclipses are usually accompanied by a lunar eclipse that symbolizes where a personal change of creative efforts, attitudes, and philosophies must be adopted to maximize the potential open to us at the solar eclipse. Eclipses generally bring their positive developments for six months at a time. Typically there are two eclipses per year, making them significant in the areas of our life indicated in our astrology chart.

Eclipse New Moon = this is a very joyful, happy family of eclipses. There is a sense of good news, falling in love, a peak experience that is joyful in some way. The benefits that appear in the individual’s life under this eclipse Series can be expected to continue well after the eclipse period has passed. (That being six months.)

New Moon 13° Sagittarius = Appreciating the evolutionary and growth process of our life. Rising above our immediate problems by looking at the big picture. Living in the moment, from which all true possibilities spring. Deciding on a bold course of action and sticking with it. Robust faith in ourselves to overcome obstacles. Looking to achieve great things and believing in happy endings.

Full Moon 8° Cancer = Confronting ourselves and others about unconscious assumptions. Showing up phoniness and pretense. Fears and desires as the real motivation behind most behavior. Brave individualism. Serious social evaluation.

Important ENERGY PATTERNS (Planetary Pairs) New Moon in Sagittarius

Sun/Moon/Mercury inconjunct (adjustment) Uranus = the challenge and courage to let go of the status quo to achieve individual success. Believe in yourself enough to be independent, original, and outspoken against injustice and the unfair activities of others.

Mars square (challenge) Jupiter= Indulgent excesses. Superiority complex. Taking foolish risks. Exaggeration to impress others. Selfishness; Work to be completely honest. Follow feelings.

Saturn square (challenge) Uranus = Making adjustments needed to leave the past to make way for the future. Become an original thinker and courageous. Patience with coming change.

Mercury square (challenge) Neptune = be on the lookout for lying, cheating, and fraudulent activities or persons. Avoiding responsibilities with daydreaming and disillusion. Allowing a sixth sense about the future to guide thinking and self-expression. Remember…feelings are always honest.

Venus Rx 27° Capricorn = New understanding of what it takes to achieve our goals. The feasibility of our goals. Setting a new timetable. Communicating through actions. Looking for support but learning the buck stops with us. Settle in for a long haul.

**If you would like to know how and where this new moon affects you personally, contact me to schedule a personal reading.


Disseminating Phase = Keys = Demonstration (walking the talk); Sharing; Reciprocating; Morality; Inner-strength; Communicating; Crusader; Organizer; Working to fit in;

At Disseminating Phase we must try to find the middle ground between partisan groups without taking sides; We must demonstrate right human relationships. Here we become devoted to a perceived ideal or vision or become devoted to someone else’s. This is where we become involved with opposites with the Spiritual task of finding order & harmony in all differences. We are learning to respect the rights of others. The issue at Disseminating is learning to give and receive. The universe contains in its separate parts all information and knowledge. Living in a disseminating environment triggers a constant need to share our experiences as compared to others. Power struggles of one reality vs. another ultimately teach us through indirect experience, knowledge without being involved. At this phase, we are in the Spiritual Body on the Feminine side. We use feeling & movement to process information expressed and received. Mass evaluation takes place regarding our concepts and philosophies where judgment on the validity of our actions and beliefs takes place to determine support for our ideas. At this point in the cycle, we are letting go of intellect and begin using feelings & movement which are stimulated by “hearing & sound.” We learn to make adjustments in personal opinions so we can fit in with the goals of society.


“There is but one Presence, One Power, One Cause in this universe, in this world and in your life. It is the Spirit of the Living God everywhere present. This Spirit is individualized in YOU! It is Who You are. It is What you are. Look within and sense and feel this mighty Presence, and the I AM in you is now consciously aware of the Master Self you are in truth.

In the stillness of your Being, you now find the perfect balance. You are poised on the middle path between the invisible & visible, master of the poles of opposites, see the holy unity of Spirit & matter. See the invisible domain of the Kingdom, see the manifest realm of heaven on earth. See your path illumined by the inner Light, extending from the secret place within out into the world of form and experience.

See yourself live with patience, determined to follow your path and fulfill God’s plan & then to carry out other plans in life as your future unfolds. See yourself gratefully accept all that greets you on the path, for you know the activity of God is the only Power in your life, and YOU trust the process. See yourself move forward, steady in the Light of your Holy Self and in the company of the angel, the angel who will keep YOU, YOU, the I AM of YOU in all her ways of The Angel of Patience & Acceptance.”

“The Angel of Cycles & Solutions is YOUR holy helper, your guide on the pathway to illumination. In your oneness with the Spirit of God the I AM of YOU, you see change as the natural order of things, as the breathing in & breathing out in the divine process of manifestation. Without hesitation you fully accept CHANGE in your life, knowing that only your highest good is expressed in every upward cycle.

See yourself standing at the vantage point of the eternal now, poised in peace and power and beholding only God at work. FEEL the uplifting action of the omnipotent Presence within and know that your life is expanding, your consciousness evolving, your good multiplying.

Picture a Spiral, see yourself journey up the spiral of life, knowing that the activity of the Master Self is the perfect Law of Harmony and Divine Order and there is nothing to fear. The Divine Consciousness your I AM goes before you to prepare the way and remains with you as your shield of protection, and you are not afraid.

Feel all your inhibitions being released, all insecurities, all uncertainties, seeing yourself move ahead with faith and boldness to accomplish that which is yours to do. Go forth now with an uplifting vision into your ever-expanding universe.

Repeat silently to yourself every day “I pronounce my life good, so very good!”

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