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Libra New Moon Outline

The Libra New Moon = Libra marks the beginning of the fall season and the time of the year when we have the equinoctial storms. Libra is the turning point in the evolutionary process where the building of the God Self has been reached.

Here we begin building relationships involving cooperation by balancing self and others. This is the “union” or marriage sign, all partnerships, and the law. The soul can no longer function in the “me” consciousness.

Libra’s are represented by the scales in the zodiac where Libra’s are constantly weighing and measuring the quality, fairness, or justice of their ongoing relationships.

“Peace at any price” is their motto, but sometimes the price is too high trying to be all things to all people.

In Libra, there is an executive with a legal mind and won’t be found lying around the home. On the surface, there is diplomacy and sweetness, but beneath the velvet glove there is an iron fist for Libra’s can be dominating and self-willed.

There is a love of travel both physically and mentally along with being diplomats par excellence since they are tactful, conscientious, and with a strong sense of justice.

Libra rules the kidneys, the purifiers of the body. In the psychological body, relationships are the purifiers of consciousness. No man can be an island! You could never know yourself on an island.

The ruler of Libra is Venus same as Taurus both are about values:

Taurus side = Resources that individual has to affect survival; self-reliance; self-relatedness; self-love; values of self to value others; the instinct to pro-create;

Libra side = how to relate to self & others; compare your values to another; personal and social values; while giving to another what they need;

Libra is represented by the Angel of Order & Harmony. This is the Angel of the perfect balance between head & heart, will & love, work & play, stillness & action, listening & speaking, and so on.

BUT! YOU must take on the energy of the Soul that produces such qualities—no role-playing is necessary.

Order & Harmony are born out of “JOY” which is the “joy of the Lord,” the Master Self’s pure energy of exultation, ecstasy, and jubilation. WE CAN LEARN TO FIT TOGETHER IN THE WORLD LIKE HAND & GLOVE; where everything is in sync and functioning as a harmonious whole.

Venus the ruler of Libra is represented by the Angel of Abundance. Here we learn the capacity to create Beauty, Harmony, Material Prosperity, Ability to Attract People & Things that humans LOVE & DESIRE to have; Angel's power is diffused by the ego = Financial Limitations, Insecurity, Family Conflict, Sexual, Career problems;

We must learn here that we attract the relationships as a mirror of who we are internally to correct the belief of LACK and DIS-HARMONY in ourselves.

LIBRA Archetype

The Impulse to initiate all kinds of relationships & types; A Diversity of Relationships;

RELATIONSHIPS = requires us to establish a connection with VALUES, BELIEFS, NEEDS; Break from LEO (subjective reality)

EVALUATE through CONTRAST & COMPARISON the Distinct Individuality of Self;

Gemini (individual thought) vs. Aquarius (group consciousness) Connection

Pisces (ideal relationship) vs. Taurus (personal desires) vs. Libra (commitment) Connection

Aries (self) — Cancer (personal security) — Libra (commitment to others) — Capricorn (others evaluation) Connection

Become aware of the NEEDS & REALITIES of OTHERS;


LEARNING: To LISTEN to what they NEED &… Providing that NEED;


TEACHES: Living Life in RHYTHM of EXTREMES vs. Living in BALANCE;


LIBRA = Initiate Relationships to LEARN: SOCIAL EQUALITY; = Learn to listen to others to establish THEIR needs from their reality as it exists for them; NOT FROM OURS;

ARCHETYPE = can create MULTI-PERSONALITY DISORDERS; i.e. Libra Sun/Capricorn Moon = try to live by “who they are told to be” OR who they should be to get “approval.”

Dual Reality

Psychosomatic/Neurosomatic mind (ego/personality vs. nerve/body response) = the necessity of releasing inhibitions, doubts, fear, guilt, shame & judgment to achieve UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS; Allows healing & Oneness; SHAMANISM;

Very RIGHT BRAIN; Musicians build a creative idea in then give it form as a sheet of music. We Sense things, Intuit things in whole, i.e. music then must use the LEFT BRAIN to separate and organize, make useable the image.

The place of multiple dimensions; and the experience of moving in and out of each, either voluntarily or involuntarily i.e. Shamanism;

On a micro-level each person represents another dimension; of reality; or the abyss;

Here we think in “Gestalts” and are connected to the intuition; i.e. musicians are gestalting;

The GESTALT of life; the place of DEVELOPMENT of INTUITION;

This reality is experienced w/great fear & difficulty or complete bliss;

Keywords: Libra = Balanced, non-aggressive,partnership,adaptableNegative: Timid,aloof,dependent, vanity, indecisive;

Venus = Art, beauty, love,social,musical,polite,artistic Negative: Ostentatous, lazy,sensuality,vacillating,flirt;

7th House = Marriage,partners,open enemies,agreements,law suits, justice, dealing w/others;

Angel of Order & Harmony

Representing DIVINE ORDER = perfect balance between head & heart, will & love, inner & outer, work & play, stillness & action, impression & expression, listening & speaking, receiving & giving, radiation & attraction; TOTAL EQUILIBRIUM;


Order & Harmony = take on the ENERGY of the SOUL which produces such qualities;

Order & Harmony = ATTRIBUTES of “JOY”; born out of “JOY”;

“JOY” is the catalyst for “Order & Harmony”; without “Joy” all forms held in consciousness begin to disintegrate.


Happiness comes from PERSONALITY and is subject to the winds of change; “JOY” comes from “DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS;”

“SERENITY” is the twin flame of “JOY” & once they dominate the personality all outer conditions are CONTROLLED in the LIGHT;”

“JOY” energy inflow at its greatest is transformed into outward ACTIVITY through the PERSONALITY;

“JOY” = Power that controls lines of force that govern ELECTRONS & cause the APPROPRIATE CLUSTERING of ATOMS in NATURAL ORDER;”

When “JOY” is withdrawn the ATOMIC STRUCTURE of MATTER is ALTERED

This ANGEL = FEMININE = stands at the VORTEX between the CAUSAL REALM of Divine Consciousness & the Personality;

Greek = called ATHENA = GODDESS of ARTS;…Romans = called MINERVA = GODDESS of WAR;

WAR on DUALITY because = the FIRST ORDER of the Universe is DESTRUCTION of “DISORDER”;

On the PERSONALITY level, an EGO desire for harmony may cause COMPROMISE of spiritual integrity.

When we give in & accept negative situations “for the sake of” agreement.

The EGO = ” Doesn’t express your truth or inner knowing, just goes along w/insanity in the name of peace;”

This is the WARRIOR in ANGELIC attire who will not EXCEPT ….CHAOS, CONFUSION, TURMOIL; i.e.

Christ said “I come not to bring peace but a sword;”


ANGEL = INSPIRES us through SELFLESS SERVICE for the “JOY” of it, maintain BALANCE & FAIRNESS in all situations & live with INTEGRITY;

Quality of LIBRA = deals with CHOICES = choosing the way through careful WEIGHING of VALUES; Find right EQUILIBRIUM between pairs of OPPOSITES to find true HARMONY; Living in the paradox.

LIBRA = a passion for PEACE & brings peace through PASSION;

LIBRA HARMONY is achieved through CONFLICT; brings world service & dynamic force for the achievement of DIVINE JUSTICE in the WORLD;

Medicine Wheel Animal Totems

Libra = Raven = Good omen to some/Bad omen to others, Messenger, intelligence, balance, duality, mystery

Keynote: Magic, Shapeshifting, and Creation

Lots of lore and mythology surround Raven and it’s often contradictory. It is a bird of birth and death and a bird of mysticism and magic.

Considered a messenger of the spiritual realm.

During the middle ages, it was believed to foretell death or the outcome of a battle. In Christian communities, it was taught wicked priests became ravens when they died.

Beliefs of ravens stealing the sunlight from those that would keep the world in darkness.

Raven is honored in art and on totem poles, reflecting the tales and mysticism that have developed around it.

Raven has the knowledge of how to become other animals and how to speak their languages. They can even be taught to speak. They incorporate and mimic the calls of other species.

Ravens are playful and they are excellent tool users. They will use stones and anything else to help crack nuts and such.

They are birds not intimidated by others, and they are very fast and wary. Because of this, they are not easy prey.

Teach: How to stir the magic of life without fear.

Reflect strong creative life force to which they have access. This creative life force can be used to work the magic of spiritual laws up the physical plane. It can be used to go into the void and stir energies to manifest that which you most need.

Raven speaks of the opportunity to become the magician and/or enchantress of our life.

Teach: Each of us has a magician within, and it is Raven who can show us how to bring that part of us out of the dark into the light.

Raven speaks of messages from the spirit realm that can shapeshift your life dramatically. Raven teaches how to take that which is unformed and give it the form you desire.

Teaches: How to go into the dark and bring forth the light. With each trip in, we develop the ability to bring more light out. This is creation.

Venus as ruler of Libra = Whale = Experience, strength, wisdom, stamina, ancient knowledge, harmony with the environment

Keynote: Creation, Power of Song, Awakening Inner Depths

Many myths about whales and how all life sprang from the seas.

The whale is an ancient symbol for creation – be it of the body or our world.

All whales have blowholes in which to exhale.

Teach: Imitating the spouting breath of whales can aid in freeing your own creative energies (i.e. yogic breath, etc.).

All whales have blubber to insulate and store energy.

Teach: How to insulate ourselves and use creative energies more conservatively.

Toothed whales demonstrate great reasoning capabilities and even creative thinking.

Teach: Stimulate this in humans when using them as a totem.

Beautiful songs are sung by the male whale while each breeding season brings corresponding song changes.

Teach: How to create through sound and song. (Sound not words are the healing energy created through song.)

With sonar, sensitivity to sound links whales to primal creative sounds of life. Sound is the creative force of life.

Teach: How to direct and respond to feedback. Can be used to tap the hidden levels of our own mind (i.e. feedback from others?) or even accelerate the manifestation of goals.

The whale can breach, come completely out of the water. Whale people (creative people) occasionally must come out of their creative waters to stay in contact with the real world. Creativity for the sake of creativity is not what whale teaches.

It awakens the great depths of creative inspiration, but so it can add color and light to our outer life to make it wondrous.


New Moon is about learning and applying these qualities for this 30-day cycle

Libra New Moon 14° October 6th Degree Significance = Knowing how to unwind; taking advantage of slack-time to compose oneself emotionally; respecting the rhythms of the body; tuning out unpleasant reality and tuning in to one’s own rhythm of life; refusing to deal with reality on any terms other than one’s own; the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations vs. evading life’s harder questions;

Full Moon is discovering adjustments needed to receive the maximum benefit of New Moon experience

Aries Full Moon 28° October 20th Degree Significance = Doing your best to influence the beliefs of others through humor or serious discussion; a platform to reach more people; using humor to demonstrate the absurdity of common ways of thinking and acting; figuring out peoples agenda; thinking on your feet; creating a showy, dramatic, and likable personality;

Important ENERGY PATTERNS (Planetary Pairs) New Moon in Libra

Chiron opposes Sun/Moon/Mars = healing and releasing old patterns of dealing with relationships to protect ourselves so as to express our honest feelings and truth. Find compassion for other's issues or situations without fixing them. “I am safe inside and out. I hear myself with love.” Discovering your intentions in all relationships.

Mercury Rx = Learning to feel full appreciation for relationships as teachers of ourselves. Communicating as clear as possible with present information. Expect clarity and change as new information presents itself. Honesty and intention will be the hallmark of this retrograde period. Wanting and accepting others' ideas to shape a better reality. Double-check all communication for meaning what you’re thinking. Reality vs. reality;

Pluto square Mercury = Using communication for manipulation and controlling others to get what you want. Needing express your truths and intentions truthfully.

Uranus inconjunct Venus = Finding a way to balance the needs or values of self and others. Balancing energies that don't work well together.

Venus opposes N.Node = wanting others to meet your demands. Learning to accept that other's values and ideas are not a rejection of your own but a way to bring balance into your own life.


Full Phase = This is the phase that teaches differences and connectedness in the “Ocean of Potentiality.” In the TAO it is the ultimate relationship of coming to terms with duality. Here is where we integrate all parts of the personality/ego, emotional body, physical body, into a total function of ONE coordinating with the Intellectual Body. At Full Phase, we must assimilate the experiences of all without emotions or physical senses to be able to experience all creative expression without judgment.

Here is where we must release inhibitions, doubts, fears, guilt, shame and judgment to achieve UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS which allows healing and ONENESS.

This is a very right-brain phase where intuition seeds the creative personality; we sense things, intuit things in the whole where it must later be turned into a usable physical form. The power of the Full Phase is the attunement to multiple dimensions and realities. Relationships are always presenting different realities which we must integrate to become ILLUMINATED.

HEALING for Full Phase

The full phase creates a natural polarity in thought and belief, usually by observing others. We must come to the place of lack of judgment, opinion, and polarizing beliefs of shoulds. Perception and perspectives are ego elements conditioned in our language. Accept reality as is in the moment.

Remove negative self-talk that has you believe anything but joy. Embrace your light and your dark within. There are no shoulds. Labels don’t exist except in the mind. As does fear, guilt, doubt, and shame.

Develop your ability to trust and take leaps of faith. Let others fully choose their reality. Letting go of all obstacles to becoming the “Self” and reconnecting with the Universe.


“I quiet my mind and still my emotions and go within to the secret place, and I sense the overshadowing of the great I AM THAT I AM, and I move into the glorious Light of the Kingdom consciousness.

The kingdom of God is my very own divine mind, my I AM God-consciousness, where everything is complete, finished, and in perfect expression. The divine ideas of all that is invisible and visible are right where I AM. The angels of the Kingdom are right where I AM. There is nothing but perfect fulfillment in the Kingdom I AM.

I am in the Kingdom now, for I am aware of the Truth and the fullness of my being. I am in the Kingdom now because I AM the Kingdom, and all that God is I AM, and all that God has is mine. And among the treasures of God, I AM and have is the energy of pure joy.

I let the song of joy begin in my mind and heart as I accept this divine attribute. It is mine because it is what I AM, and I consent this day to abide in the glorious Self I AM so that the eternal joy may be in me and my joy may be full.

I feel the joy flowing through me now and I partake of its essence: great serenity, peace, Light, warmth, contentment, poise, confidence, and a jubilant heart overflowing with gratitude. And my joy goes before me to create and maintain perfect order and harmony in my life and world.

Now, in the name of the Holy Spirit of God, I call forth the Presence of the Angel of Order & Harmony. Her Light appears before me, and with deep feelings of love and thankfulness, I say to this holy helper, “I pledge this day to remove the burdens that I have imposed upon you, and I free you to do your perfect work according to the highest vision of the great I AM. And the angel speaks, and I listen.

I am now abiding in the presence of joy and joy is now the natural state of my being. And I let order and harmony reign supreme in my life. I choose to live in perfect peace with honor and integrity, and I am ready to fulfill my role as a dynamic force for the achievement of divine justice in this world.

This is the moment of my new beginning. I now move forward with great joy to do that which is mine to do.

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