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Leo New Moon Outline

The Leo New Moon = Leo is represented by the fire of the heart; the steady controlled fire of affection, the hearth fire.” The keyword for Leo is “I Will.”

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the giver of life, and the sign of self-consciousness.

Leo can be constructive or destructive in the approach to life depending on who drives the chariot; self or “Self. “

The Sun, power, can warm, scorch, create or destroy. Leo is a sign of great courage but without a sense of responsibility and discipline, they can bring difficulties on themselves.

“DOMINION” a keyword of Leo means to have control, not over others, but over their own forces.

This is the most vital sign with tremendous energy being the royal and kingly sign of the zodiac who need to become spiritual aristocrats who function through the heart and soul in real simplicity. This is where faith and love reign supreme.

The greatest gift of Leo is an understanding heart learning it’s the “will of God” not their own.

Leo is represented by the Angel of Spiritual Strength & Will. Through the feeling of strength (firmness, fortitude, backbone) comes the knowing of will (purpose, determination, resolution)—and this fusion of heart & mind is the action of awesome energy flowing from the super-mind within through a vortex of divine force-controlled cosmic law.

Here is where feminine & masculine energies are perfectly blended into one power or force.

The ruler of Leo is the Sun represented by the Angel of Truth & Enlightenment. What is truth, this imprisoned splendor? You are! All is in the Mind, in an alive, conscious, thinking Mind, a Mind that is infinite in its range, scope, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and Power.


Our divine consciousness is conscious of its nature, “I AM,” as infinite abundance, eternal wholeness, perfect life, and total peace, joy, beauty, and fulfillment. IT KNOWS ITSELF AS THE INFINITE ALL.

Keywords: Leo =Ambitious,confident,authoritative,dynamic,leader Negative: Arrogant, domineering, vanity, fix opinion;

Sun = Individuality, vitality, dignity, generosity, honor, men Negative: egotistical, lordly, contempt, lazy;

5th House = Pleasures, entertainment, hobbies, speculation, children, creative expression, love given & affairs

Leo Archetype

Leo = Happy, Sunny nature; children, love affairs, PLEASURABLE ACTIVITIES; Longing to create PHYSICALLY/ARTISTICALLY The CREATIVE—sense of purpose/meaning MUST EMBRACE AQUARIUS = “what does the overall system need from me?”

Leo = Is simply power…for good or bad. When allowed to run wild without conscious direction, it leads to rampant egotism and the urge to conquer or dominate.

Leo = their creations are replications of themselves.

INTEGRATION PRINCIPLE =Merging the Heart/Mind = allows the soul body to gradually take command of the whole personality/body; the first stage of initiation in the disciple’s path.

Star of David = spirit piercing matter; SYMBOL for HEART CHAKRA;

How to change reality? Miracles are always given to an open heart…but we may block by anger, judgment, fear, etc. Then the Miracle finds an open heart to go to.

Leo = rules the heart chakra; in the center of all chakras, three lower chakras represent the instinctual or animal nature, and the three upper chakras representing the divine nature.

“Open our heart—light—and allow the files to be downloaded…the file's name is “I will to will thy will.” Marianne Williamson


Sun = Power of life has two messages: “Know thyself” and “Nothing in excess.” Regarded as representing the “true self” of an individual.

Sun = Power, but without direction or purpose, without focus, is destructive. Must learn the balance between the unconscious life force and the will or purpose which directs it.

The emergence of the “Self” is dependent upon a union of


Sun = must learn to use the feminine consciousness to: receive impressions, and perceptions in an intuitive, psychic manner, rather than by way of conscious judgment.

Leo/Sun = the hero’s journey, one of human consciousness towards recognition of “SELF.”

Apollo, the sun god, may have been the most handsome and accomplished of the gods, but he was a failure at relationships.

The fact is solar people are almost entirely self-absorbed. The sense of purpose, the goal to be achieved, means everything to them.

Sun = vitality and life force are symbolic of good health, Apollo was the god of healing.

Harmony between one’s outer world and one’s solar purpose is the best available guarantee of good health.

The Angel of Spiritual Strength & Will (Leo)

Angel of Spiritual Strength & Will = provides aspirant w/enthusiasm, inspiration, confidence & vitality = WORKS TO OVERCOME AGGRESSION, OVERCONFIDENCE, SELF-SATISFACTION;

Angel of Spiritual Strength & Will is the synthesis of both feminine and masculine energies, a perfect blend of power or force.

Strength is passive, whereas will is active.

Strength provides the force to give power to will.

Free Will & God’s Will = ONE AN THE SAME;

OUR FREE WILL IS THE FREE USE OF GOD’S WILL = which is concentrated in our Divine Consciousness;

Intuitive Guidance, True Inspiration, Our loving Intentions = all represent the will of our MASTER SELF;

“You need not pray for deliverance from the problems, or for the harmonizing of any situation in life for to do so is to deny the LOVE, WISDOM, WILL & POWER OF GOD that is eternally in full performance through you.


Countless stories of men and women who “stood steadfast” while the storm raged and found that every adversity had a seed of a greater benefit!

Through the feeling of strength comes the knowledge of will – and the fusion of heart and mind is the action of awesome energy flowing from the divine mind controlled by cosmic law.

Angel of Truth & Enlightenment (Sun)

All is in the Mind, in an alive, conscious, thinking Mind, a Mind that is infinite in its range, scope, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and Power. IT IS THE VERY MIND OF GOD as our individualized spiritual consciousness.

Our divine consciousness is conscious of its nature (I AM) as infinite abundance, eternal wholeness, perfect life, and total peace, joy, beauty, and fulfillment. It knows itself as the infinite All.

This is only true in our experience to the degree of our realization.

What is Truth? It is that which has been accumulated in your heart through the realization of the nature and activity of the Christ within.

The Light shining in personal consciousness relieves the personality of self-government. If permitted to do so through the acquiescence of the conscious mind, it will assume the responsibility of healing the body, removing scarcity, mending relations, and revealing reality.

Once we begin to live as the divine individual named I AM instead of the human ego/personality of me-too, Truth energy goes to work opening the Gate for greater and greater enlightenment.

Whoever has not known himself has known nothing, but he who has known himself has at the same time already achieved knowledge about the depths of ALL THINGS.” Book of Thomas—Gnostic Gospels

When you bring forth that which is within you, what you have will save you.” Jesus—Book of Thomas

Medicine Wheel Animal Totems

Leo = Sturgeon = Known as the king of fish

A primitive fish probably existed since the dinosaurs disappeared. A variety of sizes but can reach twelve-foot long and weigh at least 300 lbs.

Teaches = power;

Royalty of fishes among the Native people. To some Native clans, the sturgeon represents depth and strength.

Teaches = Strength and standing out from the crowd.

Almost fished to extinction when the value of its roe was discovered, better known as “caviar.”

Teaches = Value of all life;

Sturgeon is rarely found now.

Teaches = True power is harder to find.

Sturgeon swims upstream the symbolic assertion of willpower to spawn. Following the forces of nature.

Teaches = Determination; Will; Perseverance;

Teaches = determination, perseverance, depth, knowledge, generosity, strength, and sexuality.

SUN = Salmon = Powerful, swims upstream to spawn

The animal represents trust. Salmon is a powerful swimmer who is born with the knowledge and trust to return each year to the same territory where untold salmon before him have come to spawn and then die

Teach = Trust your life calling; listen to your inner voice; follow where it leads you;

Salmon will do anything to swim back upstream to their spawning grounds, sometimes with great odds.

Teach = the power of instinct;

Traditionally, the main staple for Native of the Pacific Northwest. Highly respected for its courage, loyalty, strength, and respect for tradition.

Teach = courage, loyalty, strength, and respect for tradition.

To Northwest Coast peoples, Salmon was an important totem commanding the same reverence as eagle and bear.


Leo New Moon 17° Aug 8th Degree Significance = Using current events to demonstrate the importance of spiritual ideals. Persuasiveness. Securing the future by educating the young in things that really matter. Getting others to participate. Spiritual leadership. Using one’s influence respectfully. Debunking beliefs based on faulty facts or interpretations.

Aquarius Full Moon 30° Aug 22nd Degree Significance = Viewing the ruins of a past culture. Recognizing periods of growth and decay. Letting go of the past. Unwillingness to hide the strange mess of modern society or the unconscious drives underlying human behavior. Finding original forms of self-expression based on personal values;

Important ENERGY PATTERNS (Planetary Pairs) New Moon in Leo

Uranus square Sun/Moon = Erratic and stubborn in efforts to stand out from the crowd. Impulsive and determined to be an individual. You want to do things your own way and will dig in your heels if anyone tries to stop you.

Saturn opposes Sun/Moon = Feel that forces are against you in life. You are always stopped from doing what you want. Feel restrictions. You may also fear pushing beyond the restrictions.

Jupiter opposes Mercury = Prone to making mountains out of molehills. You struggle to keep a balanced viewpoint but can become fanatical in pursuit of your beliefs.

Neptune opposes Venus = Conflict arises in your personal relationships because of your lack of discernment. You are caught in a web of fantasies and romantic illusions and become easily deceived in your close relationships. You need to find a creative outlet for your imagination.

Mars square Nodes = the need for cooperation seeing both sides of a situation; Establishing new communications – business and personal. Goal-oriented being flexible to change as the need arises. Letting go of beliefs that no longer seem to work. Putting blinders on. Arguing for selfish beliefs. Acting on intuition without checking facts.


Gibbous Phase = the phase where the masculine passes the baton to the feminine sometimes referred to as “the wobble.” We are learning to receive instead of asserting personal ambitions and emotions as humans have the noble function of establishing harmony, peace, and beauty within humanity as a whole along with nature. We must learn to integrate our experiences with others and learn to reconcile differences with others. We must learn to reconcile warring factions within ourselves since there is no battle between common interests. Attention is turned to external conflict while we process negative emotions with the whole. We must find emotional balance and learn to contribute value and meaning to society and life. Love is the quality of unselfish motives and is opposed to struggle and competition. Cooperation is the law of human progress and will be learned in Gibbous.

HEALING for Gibbous

The female emotional body cannot analyze and handle the present cycle without processing negative emotions from the past as well as processing re-actions of others examining our motivations. We must “visualize” (sight) the realization of the common goal held with others utilizing others' input. We must “re-frame” emotional conflict to fit the current outlook.

From "Angels Among Us" - John Randolph Price

The Angel of Truth and Enlightenment (Leo)

I listen to my Master Self and ponder the following words carefully.

I have promised you unlimited prosperity, and contrary to your belief, I have not imposed any conditions. I give freely to saint and sinner; it is your consciousness that imposes the limitations. But I have told you tow to surmount this obstacle.

As it is written, you are told that as long as you seek me, you are made to prosper. The seeking is the key, for you cannot fully focus on the outer world of limitations while searching for me and my Kingdom within. I have also opened unto you my treasure, ensuring that you always have an all-sufficiency in all things. And when I said to simply love me and you would have peace within your walls and prosperity within your palaces, I was giving you the secret of the Law of Attraction. To love me with all of your being is to draw forth my kingdom into your consciousness, and the truth of my abundance is made evident in your world.

I have promised you wholeness, saying, as it is written, that I am the Lord your healer, that I heal all your diseases, restore health to you, and heal your wounds. This is not to come. It is. In truth, you are healed now; you are whole. To those who revere my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. Think about this and see the simple instructions. A single eye on the Holy Self within receives the Light of Truth into consciousness, revealing the absence of disease and the already-present reality of wholeness. I am the fountain of healing life. Will you not drink freely of me?

I have promised you protection. As it is written, when you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and the rivers will not overflow you, and when you walk through fire, you will not be burned, Even if a host of enemies should encamp against you, you will not fear, for I will hide you. Stay close to me and let my shield shine through your consciousness to form a border.

Is anything too hard for me? No. And who am I? I am You. Not the human you the Truth of you, the spiritual You, the one called a priest after the order of Melchizedek, or Holy Self. One day soon you will awaken, and my consciousness will be yours and nothing shall be impossible to you. He who comes to you then shall never hunger, and he who believes in you shall never thirst, and he who follows you shall not walk in darkness. For I will be You and You will be Me, eternally the one and only Reality.

I keep my promises.

The Angel of Spiritual Strength & Will (Sun)

Quietly, gently, easily, I turn within and become receptive to the Light and Love of my Holy Self. With the inner eye, I see the Light flooding and saturating my entire energy field, and I feel the Love filling me to overflowing.

I am in Christ and Christ is in me, and there is no separation, for there is only the one Light, one Self, and one Presence-the Presence of Love. And out of this mastermind of Light and Love flows the invincible, omnipotent, all-consuming fire of strength and will.

It is my strength, my will, and I accept this divine energy of courage, firmness, fortitude, purpose, determination, and resolutions…totally, completely, fully. I dare to do and be because I know who I AM.

And to the Angel of Spiritual Strength and Will, I pledge to you a new commitment to the spiritual way of life and to harmlessness in thought, word, and deed. I choose to tame the lion of personality and emerge from the cave as the Lion of Christ in service to this world. And I listen now as you reveal to me that which I must do to help you in your magnificent work of creating and sustaining my divine Reality.


I am now strong in the mightiness of Spirit and I am undaunted. My mind is firmly one-pointed in seeing only the good. My heart is fearless and knows only the emotion of victory. Nothing can touch me but the direct action of God, and God is my omnipotent Self in radiant expression. I can do all thing through the strength and will of the Christ I AM.

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