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Gemini New Moon Outline

The Gemini New Moon = The sign of the Twins. The Gemini keyword is I THINK! We think of Gemini primarily as a sign of intellect and duality. It represents the conscious mind, a very curious and restless mind.

Mercury is its ruler and connects all that is on earth and heaven, represented by the God Hermes whose healing symbol is the Caduceus, the symbol of Healing by connecting God to man.

The function of Gemini/Mercury is to give names and classifications to the world of reality. By creating an intellectual organization of our experiences, we are able to communicate to ourselves and others.

Being intellectual Gemini’s can disregard feelings and emotions.

Gemini people make good teachers, writers, reporters, and salespeople with their ability to communicate.

A manifestation of Gemini is a mind that plays on and on like a radio, and still another aspect of Geminin duality is a split between the physical world (body) and the mental world (mind).

Gemini often represents the conflict between the ego and the shadow in the personality. With the dual nature, Gemini can be known to have split personalities until Gemini’s have integrated their dual nature to become single-minded and focused.

The ego strives to take a conscious path, our thoughts, and perceptions conditioned by our will and others' values.

The shadow is the repressed self which must deal with projected personalities that creep into the Gemini which becomes changeable, and inconsistent.

Keywords: Gemini = Adaptable, dual, sociable, mediator, ideas, writing Negative: indecisive, master of none, talkative;

Mercury = Speaking, Intellect, eloquence, observant, reason Negative: Deceit, gossip, nervousness, worry;

3rd House = Learning, receptive to ideas, short distance travel, hobbies, interests, neighborhood, listening;

Gemini Archetype

Gemini/3rd House—Mercury—Yang—Mutable—Air

ARCHETYPE: The nature of the projected creation, the world of appearances, shapes, and forms.

Gemini/Mercury = the function of giving NAMES and CLASSIFICATION to REALITY;

Creation of an intellectual system of organization that allows logical order to reality;

Gemini/Mercury = Intellectual organization of experiences so to COMMUNICATE with OURSELVES & OTHERS;

Gemini archetype = One of OPINIONS; Opinions—NOT necessarily the TRUTH—other than TRUTH contained in opinion;

Sagittarius = Polar opposite is the domain of TRUTH; i.e. personal truth & natural truth;

Projected CREATION = two laws—Man-made law (definition) and INTRINSIC (nature of:) LAW & NATURAL LAW i.e. Natural law = naturally explain the TRUTH of projected creation i.e. Gravity;


Shamanism = is following natural law through defining life on natures terms;

Roman Catholic = defines life on man-made law;

Gemini/Mercury = Differing PERSPECTIVES; ways of interpreting all INFORMATION;

Mercury = Left Brain; Jupiter = Right Brain;

Left = Logical, analytical, evaluating, deductive, LINEAR;

Right = Intuitive, Imaginative, Hypothesizing, NON-LINEAR;

Either is prone to CULTURAL CONDITIONING i.e.

Native American/Australian Aborigines = would be raised more right brain;

American culture = conditioned more left-brain i.e. following man made law; i.e. conditioning & emphasis;


This can be a cause of IMBALANCE i.e. operating too strongly from one side or the other;

HEALING = comes from BALANCING—Left/Right Hemisphere balance i.e. balancing the struggle of CONFLICT & POLARIZATION; (This is also none as HYPNOTIZING! Which occurs naturally through the optic nerve and primal brain;

Gemini/Mercury = in chart correlates to NATURE of your THOUGHT WITHIN YOURSELF & how you COMMUNICATE YOUR THOUGHTS;

Gemini/Mercury/3rd House = correlates to the type of mental structure the SOUL intends to have for its EVOLUTIONARY purpose;

Gemini/Mercury = the LEARNING FUNCTION;

Jupiter/Sagittarius = the ASSIMILATION FUNCTION producing BELIEFS & OPINIONS;


The Angel of Illusion & Reality

EXAMPLE: The MAGICIAN--#1 in tarot; = uses the energy of CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE causing earthly miscreation’s to disappear suddenly being replaced by EXPRESSIONS of SPIRIT;

This happens when the ANGEL is TOTALLY FREE of EGO INFLUENCE;

The #1 = a geometric point means CONCENTRATION, attention, a limiting field of activity; the Magician draws power from above…you cannot even begin to use the subtler forces of nature until you realize that YOU DO NOTHING OF YOURSELF, BUT SIMPLY ACT AS A CHANNEL THROUGH WHICH THE LIFEFORCE EXPRESSES ITSELF;

The intention of this Angel = help us develop a ONE-POINTED focus on TRUTH = see beyond the illusion to that which is real;

Concentration = on ERROR thoughts which have built a CONSCIOUSNESS of ERROR, whereas these error thoughts have been REPRODUCED in LIFE as ERROR CONDITIONS;

As an ARCHETYPE = when blocked by ego projection, saturated w/unconquered personality defects, it becomes the master manipulator, working closely w/the ego to DECEIVE, MISLEAD, & DEFRAUD becoming an adversary to SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS;

Acts as the DIVINE MESSENGER (Mercury) bringing the ideas of SPIRIT into CONSCIOUSNESS;

Mystics called the ILLUMINATING principle = releasing the MIND to become aware of the DIVINE PLAN;

Angel of Loving Relationships

Foundation of relationships = ability to respond to that which is needed by another without undermining their responsibility to shoulder their own problems.

Give what is needed!

Creed for the New World = “We are one, and I am responsible for you.”


We cannot truly love another person if we do not love ourselves;

“Love yourself with everything you’ve got. With heart, soul, mind, and strength we are love, adore, treasure and cherish this magnificent master being that we are.” –Jesus

All relationships represent the repressed material of our subconscious mind. i.e. loving others is loving SELF!

Angel of Gemini = “a linking force that unites and shows relationships, the relations between rhythm and form, between self and substance, and between the self and its neighbors and relatives. Implicit in this symbol of divine wisdom is the perfect purpose of divine love. Love and wisdom are a twain that cannot be separated, and it is in this polarity that there manifests the archetypal light of the Christ.”—John Jocelyn

Medicine Wheel Animal Totems

Gemini = Deer

Teaches = Gentleness, and sensitivity; Alertness in all directions. Is keenly aware of sight, sound, and smell.

Teaches = Love, and compassion; sacrifices its life so others may survive. Speed is its only defense with acute sensitivity.

Teaches = Power of gentleness; kindness;

Mercury = Firefly; Lightning Bug;

Produces a feeling of wonder, awe, and excitement.

Teaches = Appreciation for all the small but miraculous parts of the circle of life.

The Firefly mating dance illuminates the night;

Teaches = About light and darkness; intensity; mating; life force; the continuation and continuity of life.

Once Firefly lights up to find a mate it shortly dies.

New Moon Energy

Gemini Solar Eclipse New Moon 20° Degree = Are you communicating your true sense of self? Are you deluding another with your beliefs? Are you listening for clues to how another feels about you? Is the ego protecting your authentic self? Anxieties about living your truth. Illusions vs. realities. Avoiding honesty about relationships. Listening to intuition or dismissing it to not face the truth. Willfulness dominates thinking instead of feelings. Illusions about how others should be instead of who they are. Evaluating relationships with the ego desires conditioned by our past experience vs. looking at relationships as an internal representation of what’s going on inside us.

Trusting the sudden insights of our hunches, visions, and prophetic dreams. Creatively looking for solutions to problems. Getting a different perspective after receiving new information from our unconscious or psychic self. Taking action on new perspectives to bring them into a new reality.

Rigid resistance to change one’s own beliefs.

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 5° Degree = Trouble getting commitments from others. Making a win/win strategy for a team effort. Re-appraising one approach vs. getting stuck in a rut. Honesty vs. opinion; Understanding the reason for limitations. Justifying actions to achieve gain at any price. Self-indulgent righteousness; Living a lie in relationships. Underhandedness; Unrealistic self-importance;

Important ENERGY PATTERNS (Planetary Pairs) for the New Moon;

Mercury Retrograde = The need to challenge current beliefs. Listen to intuition to challenge family, social beliefs, opinions, and perspectives. Challenging our judgments. Being careful with new information. Using others as a second pair of eyes. Making sure feelings are in alignment with thinking. Nature as truth.

Neptune square Sun; Moon; Mercury = Need to discriminate between real and unreal. Delusions of self-importance; Fraud & deception strong between self and others. Need to separate dreams from fantasy; Restless mind about how the world should be. Confused thinking & communications;

Energies still in Effect

Full Moon Inconjunct = (until Sept. ‘13) this is an out-of-sign full moon that will have a Scorpio feel which is more “indirect.” Conflicts are less obvious but there are internal relationship issues. Stay alert to others trying to remold or remake you, including you trying to remake them. There could be subtle power plays. Learning to respect the rights of others!

Venus/Mars Balsamic = Time to let go of all relationship patterns that cause conflict and disharmony. Let go of all old relationships, to self, intimate, and friendships while building a vision of better relationships into the next cycle. Negative patterns not released in balsamic will be carried into the new cycle and will have to be processed over the new cycle which is two years long!


First Quarter Phase June 16th = Jupiter/Sagittarius; Male Spiritual Body; triggered by—Feelings & Action becoming a part of desires; Solar Plexus Chakra; Keys = Moving to change with action; Managerial; Assertive; Administrative; Empathy; Strong will; Romantic flair; Bringing substance to goals; Embracing Feelings; Fight or Flight;

1st Quarter Phase = Learning to use the Higher Mind to organize and manage a new life with ideas that must be transmuted from those programmed out of the past for ego/security needs. Here we manage to build a foundation by walking the talk becoming living proof of the application of spiritual laws. We must first confront the crisis generated by the managing and manifesting of a new reality that is in conflict with the old structures that are resistant to change. Being able to manage the crisis produces confidence in the inner self so the inner self—the HIGH SELF—becomes the source of security. Here we learn to become free from the physical body, emotional body, and the intellectual body to be free to work with feelings. Free to work the spiritual body to manifest the divine plan through feelings & action/movement. First Quarter is growth on the medicine wheel which relates to the process of maturation, whereby the process is just as important as the new form of the personality or ideal. The end result is “LOVE.” The final act of the 1st Quarter is to prepare to hand over the process to the feminine.

HEALING for 1st Quarter PHASE

This phase demands direct struggle, aggressive effort, and energy release. Action for a specific reason that enforces a renewed consciousness; Energy is defensive against another energy with a tendency to polarize against each other i.e. value vs. value, force vs. force; Unstoppable force meets immovable object; Conflicting affairs that require head-on-confrontation that clearly defines a chosen reality. Selective manipulation of the elements/environment;


Identify others correctly; Travel; Learn to play; Right Brain enhancement; Proper nutrition; Learn self-trust; Personal rituals; walking in nature; Taking a risk; Freedom to explore new ideas; Religious/spiritual experiences;


Positive Experiences, Need to balance activities, Possible friction points

Sagittarius 7th Marriage, partnerships, the law 1st Personal Appearance, Vitality, 4th Home, property/real estate,

Open enemies, agreements Physical condition, Personality Family matters, Emotions, Mother

Instinctive Self-Image 10th Career/business issues, status,

Authority, father, boss, government


Scorpio 8th Resources of partners/others, 2nd Inner Feelings, Money, Beliefs 5th Pleasures, Hobbies, Risk, Children,

Inheritance, taxes, Finances, values, talents, abilities Speculation, Creativity, Romance,

Intimacy/Sexual issues Occult 11th Dreams, hopes, wishes, friends, groups

Organizations, associations


Libra 9th Philosophy, religion, Beliefs, 3rd Ideas of others, communications, 6th Work, habits, routines, Health,

Police, long-distance travel Writing, talking, neighbors, sibling’s co-workers, domestic animals

Higher education, Learning, interests, filing, short travel 12th Secrets, hidden enemies, hospitals & Higher Consciousness health workers, jails, introspection,

Karmic activities/experiences


Virgo 10th Career/business issues, 4th Home, property/real estate, 1st Personal Appearance, Vitality,

Social status, Authority, Family matters, Emotions, Mother Physical condition, Personality,

Father, boss, government Security needs 7th Marriage, partnerships, the law

Open enemies, agreements


Leo 11th Dreams, hopes, wishes, friends, 5th Pleasures, Hobbies, Risk, Children, 2nd Inner Emotions/Feelings, Money,

Groups, Organizations, associations Speculation, Creativity, Romance, Finances, values, talents, abilities

Love received Love given 8th Resources of partners & others, taxes,

Inheritance, Intimacy/Sexual issues, Occult


Cancer 12th Secrets, hidden enemies, hospitals 6th Work, habits, routines, Health, 3rd Ideas of others, communications,

Health workers, jails, introspection, co-workers, domestic animals learning, interests, filing, short travel

Karmic activities/experiences 9th Philosophy, religion, Beliefs, Police,

Higher education, long-distance travel


Gemini 1st Personal Appearance, Vitality, 7th Marriage, partnerships, the law 4th Home, property/real estate,

Physical condition, Personality Open enemies, agreements Family matters, Emotions, Mother

Self-expression 10th Career/business issues, status,

Authority, father, boss, government


Taurus 2nd Inner Emotions/Feelings, Money, 8th Resources of partners & others, taxes, 5th Pleasures, Hobbies, Risk, Children

Finances, values, talents, abilities Inheritance, Occult-Mystical-spiritual, Speculation, Creativity, Romance

11th Dreams, hopes, wishes, friends, groups

Organizations, associations


Aries 3rd Ideas of others, communications, 9th Philosophy, religion, Beliefs, Police, 6th Work, habits, routines, Health,

Learning, interests, filing, Higher education, long-distance travel, co-workers, domestic animals

Short travel, Neighborhood Higher-consciousness 12th Secrets, hidden enemies, hospitals & jail

Karmic experiences, selfless service

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Pisces 4th Home, property/real estate, 10TH Career/business issues, 1st Personal Appearance, Vitality,

Family matters, Emotions, Mother Social status, Authority, father, Physical condition, Personality

Boss, Government 7th Marriage, partnerships, the law

Open enemies, agreements


Aquarius 5th Pleasures, Hobbies, Risk, Children 11th Dreams, hopes, wishes, friends, 2nd Inner Emotions/Feelings, Money,

Speculation, Creativity, Romance Groups, Organizations, associations Finances, values, talents, abilities

Love received 8th Resources of partners & others, taxes,

Inheritance, Occult, Intimacy/Sexual issues


Capricorn 6th Work, habits, routines, Health, 12th Secrets, hidden enemies, hospitals 3rd Ideas of others, communications,

Co-workers, domestic animals, Karmic activities/experiences, learning, interests, filing, short travel

Service given self-less service 9th Philosophy, religion, Beliefs, Police,

Higher education, long-distance travel


Angel of Loving Relationships (Gemini)

God is infinite Love, the great identity in all relationships, the eternal essence of all forms, and this Absolute All –that-Is is my very divine consciousness.

I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the divine Presence I AM is the source, Cause, and quality of every relationship in my life.

I am conscious of the Inner Presence as my loving experience of fulfillment, as the harmony in every connection with another being. I am conscious of the constant activity of this mind of total goodwill and joyful unity, therefore my consciousness is felled with the Love of right relations.

Through my consciousness of my God –Self as my source of companionship, friendship, and the quality of every Love experience, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the Light of Spirit. This light is the essence of every bonding with another, thus my consciousness of the Master Self I AM is the cause of every good and perfect relationship.

My inner Light draws to me now those with whom I can relate in love, peace, and joy. Because it is the principle of right relations in action, my desires are beautifully fulfilled, my needs easily met.

The divine consciousness I AM is forever securing the bond of harmlessness and harmony between me and everyone else in my world. Therefore I am totally confident to let God appear in each and every relationship in my life.

When I am aware of my divine consciousness as my total fulfillment, I am totally fulfilled. I am now aware of this truth, and I relax in the knowledge that the activity of divine attraction and right relations is eternally operating in my life. I simply have to be aware of the flow of that creative energy that is continuously radiating from within. I am now in the flow.

The Angel of Illusion and Reality (Mercury)

As I look below, I see the child I was, afraid of the shadows, thus interpreting wrongly, perceiving falsely, and imprisoning my divine messenger, the one who pierces the illusion to reveal Reality.

That is all in the past, I am no longer a child living in darkness. I am growing UP, going UP, and in my ascension, I see the Light of the world of my divine consciousness and I move into this light of my Self, the glorious radiance of Spirit.

From this mountaintop of eternal brilliance, I look before me and see only the shining beacon of Truth revealing the Reality that has always been.

Of what was I afraid? Whom did I fear? There was nothing in the shadows that could harm me; it was only my reaction to the darkness that bound me to this illusion.

In the light of understanding, I see this now, and I will remember what I have seen. From the very beginning, my Spirit went before me to create harmony, beauty, and peace, and it forever lives within me, guiding me to follow those same footprints in the sands of time.

Beloved Lord and Master Self within, day by day I am growing into your likeness, and I know that soon, in a flash of light, the two shall become one and I will know myself as God being me, eternally.

My Holy Self, I ask that you guide me to meet the Angel of Illusion and Reality, the Hand of Spirit signifying creative intelligence. Let us proceed now.

With the Spirit of God within as your guide, take the inner journey to meet this mediator between the lower and the higher minds and establish a bond of friendship and cooperation.

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