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Capricorn New Moon Outline

The Capricorn New Moon = “I use” is their keyword. The symbol of Capricorn is the “mountain goat,” climbing toward the heights, solitary and alone. (Archetype of the movie Scrooge)

Ruled by Saturn = the energy of structure, form & reality based on our consciousness. It hardens & crystalizes matter. Saturn also challenges the weak links and untruths we believe. It is the taskmaster but also the builder of success.

Capricorn announces the beginning of the Winter Solstice. In the northern hemisphere, it’s the greatest moment of darkness.

Winter Solstice is the greatest point of universal consciousness. Collective wisdom has been assimilated and the individual begins a symbolic return as a transformed being.

The self has become the “Self”

Here is the final earth sign where the personality is sculptured and honed to become the power behind the throne in the material, causal world. The “High Self.”

Control and self-mastery is what Capricorn is all about. Mastery over this earthly realm includes physical appetites.

What is expected of Capricorn is proper behavior and moral fortitude worthy of the final stage on earth. Rules by delegated authority as their strength lies in their leadership and humility.

This is the sign of dominion over the environment of careers, authority figures, and public reputation.

Capricorns are patient, persistent, efficient, and practical. Where ever Capricorn is, you are ambitious and willing to work and to work hard for what you want.

Capricorn people can exemplify the highest or the lowest qualities of human nature. They have great strength and a strong sense of purpose. “Expediency” is a keynote (the quality of being conventional and practical despite possibly being improper or immoral). “How can I use this?” differs from “How can this be of use to help others.” This is what divides the evolved from the un-evolved.

Their weakness is false pride along with righteousness & materialism. Money is extremely important, not for the money itself, but for the power, it wields in the outer world i.e. the Lust for Power

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn, or where ever one has this sign you must follow the LAW, MAN’S LAW, AND GOD’S LAW. And Saturn keeps a perfect set of books. Sooner or later every one of us gets what we deserve, no more or no less.

This is the TESTING sign and has deep significance to the soul on its journey towards the HIGHER SELF. This is a journey of the mountain goat which requires patience and persistence.

Capricorn is represented by the Angel of Temptation & Materiality that teaches a lesson of what’s really important. The objective is to enjoy the physical-plane experience w/o getting trapped in the fog of materiality!! Live, love, laugh & be happy w/o the EMOTIONAL bondage of fear, guilt, greed & sorrow.” Have everything w/o possessing anything—enjoy all-sufficiency of money w/o being pre-occupied w/making money.

Saturn is the energy of Capricorn and is represented by the Angel of Success that teaches the true meaning of success. WHAT IS SUCCESS? That which you feel you have accomplished at any given point in time while experiencing the joy of living while working toward accomplishments i.e. the journey of a mountain climber.

Keywords: Capricorn: conservative, dutiful, conscientious, industrious Negative: fearful, materialistic, melancholy;

Saturn: contraction, discipline, time, patience, systematic Negative: crystallization, fear, limitation;

10th House: vocation, reputation, status, employers, the boss, father, authority, career, honor;

Capricorn Archetype

Self-mastery is what Capricorn is really all about. Mastery over the physical realm and earthly appetites.

Mythic archetypes for Capricorn are diverse

Vesta and Saturn represent a rigidly controlled individual whose behavior must be impeccable.

Pan and Amalthea, the goats and the satyrs (one of a class of lustful, drunken woodland gods.) represent the freedom and sexual abandon of the sign.

Capricorns live with a mixture of passion and the wild desire of a satyr but live in an age where such desires must be discreet and carefully controlled for fear of punishment or public humiliation.

What is expected of Capricorn is the behavior of moral fortitude worthy of the final stage of earth.

The mythology of Capricorn is one where father and family dynamics influence the child into earthly ways providing self-esteem and self-confidence to carry the family tradition.

Capricorns are easily consumed by other people’s value systems and must break free to become individualists. Hence issues around the father and sometimes the mother.

This is the wound that afflicts most Capricorns – the wound of not getting what they needed from their parents & early environment.

Capricorn archetype may never fully overcome the initial loneliness he/she experienced in life. But often this kind of loneliness inspires them to seek the inner light rather than be immersed in external relationships.

We achieve a certain mastery in Capricorn – and whether that involves an inner, spiritually directed mastery or outer, publicly governed mastery over others, we have reached the top of the mountain and at this point must turn our attention ever stronger to the needs of the collective.

Capricorn = HARDWORKING—PRACTICAL; Understands Achievement & what it TAKES;

Capricorn = Qualities of DETERMINATION—ONE POINTEDNESS = Blinders

WORLDLY AMBITION & SOCIAL STANDING & Developing POWER in the WORLD is a typical goal.

Saturn Rulership = Testing, Purifying, Strengthening HUMAN SOUL – But also the GIFT giver.








Wish to appear CLEVER, ATTRACTIVE, and POPULAR causes separation from the SUN and the UNIVERSAL ETERNAL SELF!!!

Capricorn rules the KNEES they must bend at the knees for HUMILITY;

Saturn is the LORD of KARMA and exposes Capricorn conceit through LIMITATIONS of CIRCUMSTANCES and the PHYSICAL BODY;


Saturn tests the SOUL for PURITY of MOTIVE & DEDICATION and must release PRIDE & SELF-WILL

“In silence, we pray for clear vision, for strength, humility, and patience, the necessary qualities for us to build into our souls the lessons of life’s experiences.” - The prayer of Capricorn

Angel of Materiality & Temptation

Ego/personality = Satan = “the state of mind in man that believes in its own sufficiency independent of its CREATIVE SOURCE.”

(Metaphysical bible) “PERSONALITY” describes the meaning more fully than any other word in ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

Condemning materiality though is the danger of the spiritual path. The answer =


The objective is to enjoy the physical-plane experience w/o getting trapped in the fog of materiality!!

To experience form, to work off karma more rapidly, to accelerate the re-awakening process.

“Live for the fun of it, and die for the fun of it. Nothing else really matters. Play more, make love more, touch, hold, kiss the one who lights your light more, laugh, giggle, sing, dance……..

Do everything in life just for the fun of it!”

JESUS = did not deny the world of form or experience; he enjoyed festivals, feasts, the fellowship of men/women, loved the land, mountains, sea, solitude of the desert, the clamor of crowds, worked tirelessly in the villages/cities AND EVEN PAID TAXES.

Our actual state of existence is between the two worlds.

Called the BURNING GROUND = where the fire of the divine SELF is transmuting the lower nature.

JESUS EXAMPLE = being in the wilderness & tested by the devil;

Ancients call this the TIME OF TEMPTATION

TESTS = Does consciousness understand that the only gifts are those from within and that they are always given w/o CONSTRAINTS?

If TESTS are passed the individual is made ready for the infusion of the higher nature & consciousness with SPIRIT;

EXAMINATIONS = given by a teacher to TEST readiness;

JANUS, JAY nus, = god of doors Roman mythology

“A person symbolically passes through a door when he enters something new. JANUS = is God of the BEGINNINGS;”

This “SPIRITUAL MONITOR” became known as the DEVIL, SATAN & LUCIFER;

DEVIL = Greek word “slander”—one issuing a false statement through the spoken word; (teacher would challenge truth)

SATAN = Hebrew word “adversary”the teacher would assume the role to jog student's memory

LUCIFER = Latin word signifying a light-bearer—representing the ILLUMINATING power of a MASTER TUTOR

In “secret teachings of all ages”—Adam denounced the serpent-tempter in a tirade.

SERPENTS ANSWER = “I am the Lord who is against thee and thus accomplishes thy salvation! Thou hast HATED me, but blessed by me, for I have led thee out of the sphere of the ILLUSION OF WORLDLINESS;

“I have weaned thee of desire and awakened in the soul immortality of which I myself partake.”


This Angel tempts/monitors/measures consciousness & injects thoughts of caution, discretion in the mind.

ANGEL BLOCKED = total focus on effects & the fluctuation between the overwhelming desire for things; Magnified fear of not having them—as the individual becomes overly obsessive;

CAPRICORN energy = help us maintain the proper structure in consciousness;

The main purpose of CAPRICORN is to lead man/woman into transfiguration or into true enlightenment

The Angel Success

SUCCESS = (Webster)”…a favorable, satisfactory outcome/result, fulfillment, attainment, achievement”


That which you feel that you have accomplished at any given point in time and the joy of living while working toward the accomplishment.

SUCCESS = is the natural order of things; we are here to attain mastery over the manifest world.


Law of Cause & Effect = the principle Karma. No force can be expended by thought, word, or action that does not have a corresponding effect!

LAW OF BEING in higher CONSCIOUSNESS; everything in our life & world is based on the tone, pitch, shape, and vibration of what we think in our consciousness, lower or higher.

GOD has provided a finished KINGDOM; = energy exists “NOW” in consciousness; our function is to release success flowing through divine circuits but has been dammed by ignorance & false beliefs;

PERSONAL SUCCESS? = Create the personal vision of ideal success as you can conceive it in your mind. Look at your lifestyle, your work, your environment, your relationships, your finances. What success is to you!

EQUATION: Rate your present success quotient on a scale of 1-10 on the above categories;

Total of numbers…..divide by…..# categories = ________________

Example = 5 equals 50% of your life needs to be change to achieve desired success; 7 equals 30% change;


Our CONSCIOUSNESS has whatever we recognize & accept in the storehouse that is out-pictured in our mind all physical form & experience; the higher the acceptance vibration in consciousness, the greater the form & experience;

ENERGY of SUCCESS = Saturn, Kronos in Mystery Schools; Causal Power—SATURN—the bringer of gifts & deliverer of rewards based on the principle of sowing & reaping; the legend of SANTA CLAUS comes directly from SATURN teachings;

HINDU MYSTICS called this ANGEL “SHIVA” (Saturn) = means “kind”—a being who destroys what the lower nature has created restoring what the HIGHER NATURE has ENVISIONED so the individual may have a more fulfilling life.

All ACHIEVEMENT & ACCOMPLISHMENT seen in our imagination represents the truth of what already is! High ideals conceived in the mind are to be recognized as realities already existing as part of the self’s identity, as the “SELF” is the substance of all forms & experiences;

FAILURE = no such thing; ONLY A LOSS OF TIME; with each failure, a lesson is learned leading to acting as a safeguard for the future leading to rapid growth;

Angel of Success: I am moldable, impressionable, for I am subject to you. I become your vibration and remove everything unlike your vibration in your world. If your energy is HOSTILE, I remove opportunities to experience love; if your energy is loving, I remove the possibilities of hostility. I follow the orders of YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. If there is vacillation in your consciousness of success, I WILL VASILLATE between seeming triumphs and disappointments;

“Let every seed be sown to reflect and support your ideal, for every action that you take in thought, word, and deed I will provide the reaction in the world of form. I will remove that which does not reflect the ideal and will bind on earth that which you have structured in mind, your ideal.” – “Angels Within Us”, John Randolph Price

Medicine Wheel Animal Totems

Capricorn = Snow Goose =

Call of the quest; Travels Legendary to Places;

Myths; Fairy Tales; Stories Capture Imagination Children & Adults

TOTEM: Stimulation Childhood Thrill/Belief in Stories & Legendary Places; REFLECT: Life Quest in this Lifetime; Stories IMPRINTED w/Seed Thoughts;

Long Time Standard Writing Instrument

TOTEM: Aid COMMUNICATION/WRITING using Stories; Stimulate Imagination = Move thru CREATIVE Blocks; = Writing w/Goose Quill Pen;

Feathers Commonly Used for BEDDING; =

SYMBOL: Fertility & Fidelity;

Vegetarians = TOTEM: More Vegetables in Diet or Become Vegetarian;

Mate for Life; Share Raising Young; = Innate Belief in One Special Person for Us = Ties to Fairy Tales We are IMPRINTED With;

EIGHT Species in N. America; SYMBOLIC: 8 = Infinity; ABILITY to Move Backward/Forward; =

Reflects Movement = CALL TO SPIRITUAL QUEST;

Migration Patterns/Behaviors = Leaving in Autumn Stirs Imagination = Makes us want to Search for our New Worlds & Dimensions; Incessant Honking seems to Call us to FOLLOW them on a SPIRITUAL QUEST;

Harbinger of Spring; (2nd Only to Robin); =


Migration = Constantly Shift Formation creating Wind Drafts 4 easier Flights 4 those Behind Them;

TEACH: When ONE makes a QUEST = Easier 4 Others; Never Fly Directly Behind = Easier View 4 Others; TEACH: Shouldn’t take Quest w/o Full View of Details;

SYMBOLIC: “V” Formation; Shape = Points Direction; New Possibilities; Open End = OPENNESS to New IDEAS; TOTEM: New Path; KEEN VISION = TOTEM: Greater Vision Physical/Spiritual will Occur;

Goslings Quiet 1st part of life; then LEARN Break Free;

TOTEM: Breaking Free from Childhood Restraints;

TOTEM: Imagination Stirred; New Travels Body/Mind;

Saturn = Raccoon =

Dexterity & Disguise


Very DEXTEROUS; Reputation 4 THIEVERY;

Fascinated by WATER; = Sensitizes their HANDS=

Feel their Food Better; eat almost anything;

Extremely Curious; Love to Explore; Mini-Adventures;

Curious about new Realms;


Striking Features = MASK that it WEARS; =

MYSTICAL Symbolism; MASK to achieve ALTERED STATES; 4 HEALING & RITUAL Purposes; Mask Making an ANCIENT ART done All over the WORLD for Ceremony, Celebration, Magical Practices

People can BECOME ANYTHING behind a MASK;

MASK = Mystery; Tool of TRANSFORMATION =


Make ourselves some other FORCE; Creates doorway in the MIND/PHYSICAL World = threshold to NEW DIMENSIONS & NEW BEINGNESS;

Disguise & Secrecy: Wear Masks for Variety of Purposes;

TEACH: How to Mask, Disguise, and Transform Yourself;

How to wear different Mask to become Different things;

KNOWLEDGE of HOW to CHANGE FACES; = for Rituals, for Religious & Ritual Practices & Everyday Life;

QUESTIONS: Do you need to present a different Face to people for greater SUCCESS? Hiding true SELF? Others hiding their Self?

Heavy Sleep during winter: Living off Body Fat;

TEACH: Using MASK to put one aspect of self to SLEEP to AWAKEN another; DEXTERITY to use MASKS to achieve new ALTERED STATES/DIMENSIONS;

Very Courageous; Ferocious; Surly w/OLDER;

Deceptive/Agile; Experts SELF-DEFENSE;


Use 20 WEEK Cycle for CHANGES

New & Full Moon Meanings This Month

New Moon is about learning and applying these qualities for the 30-day cycle.

New Moon 13° Capricorn = Giving complete attention to the problem at hand; collecting data then making it usable; eliminating erroneous factors; figuring out how things fit together; passing the torch of tradition, forging a new reality; the time has come to consider what’s best for all and ending selfish conquests; trying to understand what’s behind the curtain;

Full Moon 28° Cancer = Clear communications to present personal viewpoints; looking for feedback to use for a better position; the power of the heart to bridge human differences; extending the bounds of what is socially acceptable to change social attitudes; winning an argument by being able to see both sides; using a talent to win approval; putting ideas into language people can understand;

Important ENERGY PATTERNS (Planetary Pairs) New Moon in CAPRICORN

Jupiter goes into Pisces = A new time of expansion & growth by helping others with little thought of the rewards. Ready to go to work for the greater good. Listening to our hearts pitch to build a new reality. Using emotion and sympathy in our work for greater joy and harmony. Understanding a mystical oneness and the pain of us all.

Mercury Rx 1/15 to 2/4 = Events and experiences that push us to seek higher intellectual and spiritual understanding. Focusing on using our higher awareness, intuitive mind, to become aware of the truth. The need to use everyday practices to merge personal consciousness with God-consciousness. Becoming aware of the failures and falsehoods of society with startling clarity. Finding our place in the cosmic scheme of things.

Uranus Direct 1/19 = A new brotherhood takes shape. Uranus brings the energy of moving away from conditions that no longer serve us all. Time for using our intuitive thinking to guide our lives into a new paradigm. Getting a new understanding of how things could be if we think and act to help others have a better situation. Transformation starts with one! Nurturing others as one would a garden. Rooting out our destructive social activities.

Venus/Pluto/Mercury conjunction = Powerful benefit in loving communications. Letting go of personal agendas that are inconsistent and petty. An urge to possess things of beauty and value on both the material and spiritual planes. Being a person of flexibility where the coming and going of material things exists. Learning that letting go, surrendering that which is no longer useful brings greater reward.

Chiron squares New Moon = Time to let go of the past and focus on the shape of things to come. Old conditions and thoughts must pass away to move into the future. We must play an independent role to better serve the whole. Will we let go to rise to the social, cultural, artistic, or intellectual need to change? When the old rules are breaking down, will we be ready with a new plan? Search out the limits of yourself then go beyond those limits.


3rd Quarter Phase Dec. 21st = Uranus/Aquarius Female Physical Body, triggered by instinct & intuition; Crown Chakra; Keys = Thinker; Altruistic; Reformer; Beliefs into workable systems; Principled; Futuristic; Adjusting tradition; Competent; Humanitarian; Deliberate; Conformity;

At the 3rd Quarter phase, we accept the present accomplishments with our consciousness focused on the future. This is where the court of public opinion defines who we are to them. The intuition is strong and begins the impregnation of new ideas and possibilities. This is where we must hold the vision of change and what could be the next step on the spiral of life. Inherent insecurity is a dominant theme as this is where we get rewards for past accomplishments yet sense the vision of something better and greater which is yet unknown or not in the collective consciousness. This process is called the crisis in consciousness where we must structure an outline and gear activities toward the future while proving the validity of a system waiting to be birthed. The issue at the 3rd Quarter is one of following the message of the soul vs. the desires of the little self. There is a struggle between the personality and the High Self where the High Self presents activities for the betterment of the whole vs. the personality. At this phase, we are in the Physical Body of man and must use our intuition and instincts to follow an impulse of the yet unknown path. The reining question must always be: how does one serve the needs of the collective? Routine & ritual builds focus and intent connecting us to our subconscious voice. Our senses, taste, smell & touch, have rituals connected to them. Food takes us to family dinners, special occasions, and events while smells remind us of primal bonding by the smell of the parent, odors involving special people occasions and events. Touch triggers instinct through touching another, massage, holding hands, and so on.


“As I call forth the Angel of Materiality and Temptation, I see his light ahead, and I move toward it with confidence. And now before me stands the Emissary of Cosmic Law. In my own words and in my own way I express my gratitude for his guidance and protection, for helping me to be in this world, though not of it, and to be one with the thought divine.

I now listen to the words of the angel. I hear. I understand.

I embrace the angel in appreciation and then move deeper in consciousness to meet my Master Self. And in this Presence I ponder these thoughts:

I am the instrument through which the Master I AM expresses, and I place my dependence on this Holy One within rather than on anything in the outer world. I understand that the only responsibility that I have in life is to be conscious of my God-Self and that that Self will then meet all of my responsibilities through me. I realize that as long as there is a human sense of being, I must not rely on that sense to free me from lack and limitation. My reliance must be totally on the Christ within, who is eternally radiating the Energy of All Good into my world.

I now live as an open channel for YOU, my Lord and Master Self, without spiritual pride, without relying on unrealized truth to change my world, without distortions of reality. I will live in oneness with YOUas I walk the earth, enjoying every moment of my journey and knowing that the Awakening will soon take place. And I will emerge as the one who says, “He who sees me sees the Father.”

“There is only One Self throughout the infinite reaches of the universe, the Selfhood of God, and I am an indivisible part of that Whole. The I AM THAT I AM is God knowing itself as God; it is God knowing itself as individual being; it is my individual being knowing itself as I AM. I AM the willpower of God to individualize.

All that the Universal Presence of God has is mine, for God and the expressions of God cannot be separated. They are forever one, and therefore I live in the Eternal now with the Infinite All, and nothing is missing in my life. I AM the power of God to have.

There is only one Mind, the Mind of God, and no other mind exists. God’s mind is the mind of the Holy Self, and my thoughts possess the authority of the Master Mind I AM. I think with the mind of Christ.

There is only one life, ever leaping forward in spirals of new joy, beauty, and experiences. That life is God’s life; God’s life is my life, pure, perfect, and whole. In my divine sensitivity, I feel the rhythm of divine life pulsating through me.

I am the fiery strength of God, the living force of vitality that goes forth with divine intention and authority. My creativity is Love in action, and everything that I do is victorious. My divine power is the thought that I WILL, and every door swings open before that power.

I have divine aspiration t fulfill my highest destiny, and with enthusiasm, I move forward, forever illuminated by the higher vision. I see that which is mine to do, and I do it with ease, devotion, and gladness, and I am blessed with the treasures of heaven, for that is what I SEE.

I walk in the footsteps of my Self, and my path is sure. My ideals have been formulated in the crucible of my mind and are forged in divine design in my heart. In joyful freedom, I now follow my heart, for I have seen my destiny, and what I see, I KNOW.

I am enjoying the fullness of unlimited success, for I am in my true place, doing what I love and loving what I do, for the good of all. I am the spirit of accomplishment, the force of achievement, and every activity of my life now reflects the ideals of victory, beauty, harmony, and abundance, for that is what I BELIEVE.”

Meditation and Angel Work from the book: “Angels Within Us” by John Randolph Price

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