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Cancer New Moon w/Venus Rx

New Moon Cancer 25° = Having a passion for one’s calling with a sense of personal destiny; Confident pursuit of goals with a self-created role; Developing a colorful, bold personality; Maximizing one’s strong points and playing down the weak points; Tough-minded self-confidence impervious to criticism; Conscientious preparation for one’s larger role on the world stage; Playing the hand ones given skillfully; Daring to live life as a grand adventure.

Chart Patterns

The focusing principle combines with the urge to create form and structure. Intensely focused and committed energies.

Stressful = conflict between one’s personal needs and one’s obligations toward others. Manifests as avoidance of commitment or as suffering under the burden of too much responsibility. Sets harsh standards of perfection for themselves and others. Workaholic, extreme ambition, and sexual fears and restrictions.

Resolution = Developing a balanced approach to fulfilling one’s responsibilities in the world so that personal enjoyment and fulfillment may also be experienced.

A choice between a well-developed sense of perspective regarding priorities while being direct, honest, and persevering vs. being unsympathetic to passive or emotional behavior becoming aggressive and ruthless in goal-oriented activities.

Tremendous strength to solve problems for oneself as well as others when needed vs. focused on a narrow view becoming stubborn, dogmatic, resentful, and argumentative, and controlling others as necessary for survival.

Aries vs. Libra N.S. Node = Developing Self-Assertion and progressive nature. Embracing independence and standing on one’s own convictions.


Leaning & depending on others letting them dictate one’s life. Excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner unable to do for oneself.

Venus retrograde = July 23rd to September 14th

Venus = Planet of love, relationship, values, talents, resources, money, feelings, harmony, joy, happiness & beauty.

Co-rules Taurus, earth sign & Libra, air sign.

Venus/Taurus = Strong instincts of maintaining, caring, and conserving that which it holds valuable. Needs to survive by enjoying and stabilizing a foundation & place to live and survive.

Money & resources are the way in which we have and maintain possessions we care for. They provide an environment that gives us a sense of stability and permanence. Learning to enjoy what the world has to offer each of us while adding worth, beauty, and fulfillment while on earth.

Venus/Libra = As we see beauty in the outer world, we learn to appreciate the essence of “Love.” This is where a man can objectively feel the cooperative harmony between the yin & yang of creation.

The “selflessness” of Libra teaches us the ability to “yield and overcome, bend and be straight” which teaches balance achieved through relationships that blend & create union between lower & higher consciousness.

This is where relationships begin to teach us how to be with another to discover who we are objectively and discover ourselves, our intentions & motivations for what we do.

Teaches unconditional love of another person. How to be in love “of” a person!

Venus in Leo = Strong sense of self-direction; Strong will; Dramatizes emotional responses to the hilt; Honest, frank, and sometimes calculated; Loyal, compassionate, and affectionate where their love is concerned; Loves pleasure and fond of theater; Colorful personality;

Venus Rx = the process of re-defining and re-evaluate, personal-values and the values in relationships with others; needing to supply one’s own needs;

Balancing internal and external values of personal and values within relationships to people, places, and things.

Tendency to overreactions and exaggerations which sometimes causes a reverse of the feelings one wishes to express.

Unconsciously feels a changing relationship between what one considers important versus the emotional need for security and tries to correct the imbalance or imperfection. Sometimes causing even greater imbalance.

Chart Patterns

Venus 29° Leo = Fighting social environment to stay true to oneself; Finding a place to live freer; Allowing our uniqueness to shine; Fighting for human rights, cruelty, greater inequality vs. selfish preservation; trying to get a handle on powerful emotional truths; Discovering which of one’s desires to pursue & which one’s lead to stagnation; Listening to inner guidance to lead us through troubled times;

Venus Oppose Saturn = Challenges to Universal & unconditional Love because of self-protection and suspicions of affection; Difficult relationships due to defensiveness & lack of self-expression; Problems around intimacy;

Overreacting to negative conditions; Too self-conscious & fearful; Subconscious created anxieties and depressions; Need to dump the ghosts of the past;

Identify too personally with other people’s troubles. Need to learn “LOVING DETACHMENT.”

Focus and commitment. Autonomous self-identity transforms creative energies into purifying and integrating authentic nature. The way we deal with personal sexual energy – free expression, sublimation, or repression. The ways in which we face the issues of personal integration, work, devotion, commitment, sacrifice, alienation from personal relationships, and a range of sexual complexes based on denial and fear of intimacy.

ASC. 1st House

The focusing principle combines with the masculine principle to action and assertion. Emphasizes the ability to concentrate and direct one’s will.

Stressful = restrictions in the expression of masculine energies leading to physical or psychological impotence, or to alienation from intimate relationships. Blocks in acting and following through on commitments. Compensation for feelings of masculine inadequacy by becoming overly aggressive in sexual expression.

Resolution = Learning to align energy, drive, and will with clearly conceived/focused direction and purpose.

Balsamic = Fears of change; Learning to anchor in higher consciousness vs. the outside world; Listening to the guidance of intuition and feelings;

Letting go of rigidity-resistance-attachment to beliefs, actions, negative emotions, & suffering; Building a new map for navigating into another reality;

3rd Q. = Living for excitement & true self; Courageous, compassionate honest communications; Discovering new hopes, dreams and wishes;

Living in the moment & accepting reality as it is;

See others as a self-reflection of self; Owning & taking responsibility for all one’s creations;

Venus Rx in the Signs

Leo = Evaluating what changes need to be made in your physical appearance that reflects your true nature. Are you dressing for success where you are recognized as the powerhouse of creativity and beauty? Is your outlook on life in alignment with your will and creativity?

Cancer = Are you in control of your inner emotions and feelings? Are you using all your talents and abilities to make a difference in your desire for success? Are you building your finances by being more creative? Life is about feedback of our internal selves, are you taking responsibility for intentions and motivations? You have more talents and abilities than your using.

Gemini = Are you exploring the world around you, getting new ideas, and learning from others? Playing, having fun? Communication with others is the key to joy and happiness. Short trips give you a break from the norm. Meeting new people fosters a love of relating to others’ ideas about life. Writing or journaling will bring joy and freedom from frustrations. Reach out to brothers & sisters and re-connect.

Taurus = Discovering new values in family, mother, and home. Do changes need to be made in the home for a more peaceful enjoyable space? Do you have your eye on some more property? It’s time to spruce up your home environment. Are you taking enough risks to have something more? Your abundance comes from being in higher consciousness and being more creative.

Aries = It's time to play more, so lighten up. Have more fun. Give more love and learn to receive love. Romantic time, so re-evaluate and rekindle a loving persona. Children can be a great source of happiness. Discover how you can be more creative. Your luck will be very good, so take a chance to be more of who you want to be.

Pisces = It's time to take a long look at your health and habits. Do you need to establish routines that keep you in better shape? How is your work life? Can you make better connections with those you work with? Are you happy with what you do? Or is time for a change to make progress in your life? This is a time to look at how you serve others.

Aquarius = Time to reconnect with your relationships, loved ones, and business partners. Identify open enemies and consider why, there's insight you could be missing about yourself. Check-in with others to see how they are feeling and how you can make a difference in their lives. It’ll make a difference in yours. Start or join an organization to look for new ways to promote Universal truths, love, and freedom for all.

Capricorn = Renew your efforts for a greater understanding of spiritual and mystical knowledge. Examine your financial positions and take a look at the emotional resources in partnerships for greater joy, balance, equality, and love. Could an inheritance bring sudden changes in resources? Use your creative energy for positive self-development. Your healing comes from helping others heal.

Sagittarius = Tap into higher knowledge with studies in a religious or spiritual realm. Examine how judgment holds you back from the freedom you so desire. Audit a college course for higher learning. Seek out more nature experiences, even go on hikes. Does your philosophy include philanthropic giving? A deep sense of pleasure comes when you participate in belonging to groups of like-minded people.

Scorpio = Your business and career are highlighted. Are you getting love, joy, and happiness from your work? Examine your values and communications. Are you giving to yourself and others equally? Bosses and superiors may have answers that support happier and more creative self-expression. Examine your habits and routines that prohibit your happiness. Certainly, keep track of your health, the body speaks to you.

Libra = Exam your independence to go after what you want. Your hopes, dreams, and wishes are waiting for you to act. Find your pioneering spirit. Friends, groups, and organizations are for ideas not for dependency. Your creativity makes others better and the love received comes in abundance because of your kindness and beautiful heart. Stop waiting and act, make this a better world because you're in it.

Virgo = The world holds secrets and hidden enemies including those in your own subconscious mind. Are you sure you’re not your own worst enemy? Is that need for perfection keeping you from being honest with yourself and others? What does that need to rescue all about? Are there alternative motives when helping others? Do others really need you to fix them?

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