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Cancer New Moon Outline

The Cancer New Moon = Keyword: “I Feel”; Projections of self = ASC = Instinctual PERSONA—DSC = Constructed PERSONA—IC (Cancer) SELF-IMAGE;

The symbolism for Cancer first appears to the Egyptians where the symbol was the scarab beetle, the sacred totem referring to the SOUL. They began their year what is now the month of Cancer, July. In esoteric astrology, Cancer is seen as the soul’s entry point into the body. The Greeks used the symbols of the tortoise and the crab. Both have hard shells and soft interiors. Both crawl into their shells when frightened or threatened by exterior forces.

With the Moon as the ruler of Cancer, it has a personality that ebbs and flows just like the tides of the ocean. Being the sign of home, both inner and outer, as well as the family and Mother principle.

Cancer represents the feminine principle and point of merger for masculine ego and feminine Divine Mother.

At the point of merger, the ego or masculine component of consciousness loses its control, is “swallowed up” and, symbolically speaking, dies in order that consciousness (yang) and the unconsciousness (yin) can be united.

This accounts for Cancer psychic abilities as they are open to the influx of vast universal forces, which channel themselves into the individual’s consciousness whether or not one chooses to be such a channel.

Relationships are very important as a water sign, it is also emotionally dependent on relationships.

This may cause difficulty as they initiate feeling, by nature, through a process of merging with others.

Because they are so good at merging often the result is a process of losing personal identity i.e. carrying around everyone else’s emotions. And unaware they are doing so. This is where moodiness or total disconnection from who and what one’s own purpose is, loss of center of gravity, a most insecure place to be.

Their greatest difficulty is being objective.


Cancer = Cautious, emotional, material, intuitive Negative: brooding, possessive, sentimentality;

Moon = Imagination, fluctuation, mothering, magnetic, psychic Negative: aimless, clannish, fretful, moody;

4th House = Home, residence, land, Mother Principle, nurturance, family, roots, beginnings & endings;

Cancer Archetype

CANCER = Yin; Water; Cardinal (Active); Male Spiritual Body;

Cancer = “the restless tides of the ocean, the surging and ebbing of emotions”; responds to life through feelings; you can’t reason with them when they are emotionally disturbed. Wait till they quiet down…then talk to them.

Cancer = live in their feelings and affections. They seek understanding and/or sympathy.

Cancer = must be first with those they love or they are very unhappy. Like the crab, their hold on those they love is a tenacious one.

Cancer = the most subconscious of all signs; everything is latent and hidden. No issue is clear or direct.

Cancer = the mothering, sustaining, nurturing sign of the zodiac

Cancer = sign of the womb, the house, the interior of all things as the protection and covering principle

Cancer = archetype of the SUBJECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS = EGO, as an integrated function;

We SEE ourselves INWARDLY, different than others see us; How many people see you like yourself?

Re-Identification w/the EGO = Evolutionary function; Spiritual terms = INDENTIFY with source, GOD;

Cancer = also connects with EMOTIONAL REALITY; FEELINGS are Venus—EMOTIONS are MOON;

Feelings are immediate…EMOTIONS are reactions to feelings; EMOTIONS BLOCK INTUITIONS;


CANCER = Archetype of seeking SECURITY; ultimately…PISCES (last sign & water sign) is where we realize God/Spirit is our only security.


The power of emotions (feelings in action/ energy in motion) works through the subconscious mind where we give sustenance to ideas, the process of creation; the beginning of imagination on the physical plane.

We Must Learn THINKING/EMOTIONAL balance

Lessons of EMOTION = how to harness and control your desires, reactions, and moods, and how to indulge and consume w/o hurting yourself.

Lessons of THINKING = how to harness and control the directions of your thinking, how to discriminate among teachers and methods of instruction, how to direct your attention, how to align yourself with the higher wisdom of the inner self, and how to master that which you set out to accomplish.

SELF-UNDOING = Develop attitudes about numerous problems of life and relationships. Their sympathies do their thinking. Sentimentality breeds feelings & furious dislikes as thinking powers are partly eclipsed by the hallucinations of the sentiments (Cancer/Moon).

Cancer Sentiments = an attitude, thought, or judgment prompted by feeling;

COYOTE = The TRICKSTER, South pathway on the Medicine Wheel

Getting ourselves into situations that don’t turn out like we want to cause a source of pain to learn from. i.e. Wiley coyote and the roadrunner

The Angel of Victory & Triumph (Cancer)




You need more money……..”My Abundance is coming to me.”

Relationship problems…… ” this relationship is being healed.”

You are not healthy….. ” my health is being restored.”


NEED/WISHES/DREAMS = Give up our sense of NEED/WISHES/DREAMS because they are based on EXPERIENCES of the PAST


Angel of Creative Wisdom (Moon)

Stands at the gate through which the energy of wisdom flows from Divine Consciousness. Experience her VIBRATION from the DEEPER CONSCIOUSNESS of the MASTER SELF, the energy flows into the SUBJECTIVE (subconscious) & the OBJECTIVE (conscious) phases of the MIND;

Supplies energy current to the LOWER and HIGHER NATURES;

Recognize her as SUDDEN TRUTHS & INSIGHTS;





The more you become AWARE of this DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS the more the ENERGIES can fill the PHYSICAL PLANE PERSON you THOUGHT you were.

When INFUSION is complete, you AWAKEN and UNDERSTAND that you EMBODY all the POWERS of GOD, and you are indeed a MASTERMIND.

Medicine Wheel Animal Totems

Cancer = Woodpecker = The power of rhythm and discrimination

Woodpeckers are notable for their drumming. They play their song on dead limbs, tin roofs, and wooden houses, sometimes to extract insects and sometimes for the sheer joy of playing.

Teaches = Enjoyment in our experience of life. Be playful and dance to your own music.

Woodpeckers build their homes in trees and are good parents nurturing their young until they can fly on their own.

Teaches = Providing a good home to grow and protection for their young.

It flies in a manner and rhythm unique to itself.

Teaches = Importance of following our own unique rhythms and flight. Do what works for you in the manner best for you.

Their drumming has many mystical connections, from new life rhythms to applications of shapeshifting. Shamans learn to ride drumbeats into other dimensions.

Teaches = The drumming and mystical connections are symbolic of our Higher Selves connecting us to universal communication. Dancing to the beat of our own drum.

Moon = Rabbit = Fertility and New Life

Rabbit represents growth. The rabbit is known as a very prolific animal, one that is expert in growing more of its own kind. Rabbits grow up rapidly, often reaching full size within a relatively short period of time. They have an air of innocence and an instinctual propensity both for individual and species growth.

Teach = The reality of the quality of growth, always there whether or not we ask for it.

Rabbits are fast and cunning and have excellent hearing. They run, jump with strong hindquarters.

Teach = Not to fear growing beyond our present boundaries. Learn to stretch and grow to become more than you are by leaps and bounds.

Rabbits have a wonderful ability for defense. They build their nest in front of or behind something to escape if necessary. They are very fast and can make sudden turns. They have a knack for being unseen when danger is near.

Teach = We should always plan for possibilities. Don’t back ourselves into a corner. We need to recognize the signs life provides around us and be ready to respond to circumstances as needed.


Cancer New Moon 19° Jul 10th Degree Significance = Displaying confidence and poise in awkward social situations; Expanding the bounds of acceptable taste; Sharing new ideas through popular culture; achieving popularity even while one breaks the mold; Knowing what people say behind one’s back, but winning them over with charm and savoir-faire; Cultivating one’s individual beauty and taste; Appreciating the richness and beauty of life;

Aquarius Full Moon 2° July 24th Degree Significance = Emotional breakthrough; Learning to love oneself as one is loved by God before one can accept the love of others; the power of love to melt the fears and defenses of the ego; following emotional or sexual energy wherever it leads; seeing where things are headed; sharp observations of humanity;

Important ENERGY PATTERNS (Planetary Pairs) New Moon in Cancer

Pluto opposite New SUN/Moon = Force of will and determination you bring toward achieving objectives vs. the ruthless pursuit of goals; Unswerving reliability you offer to others vs. focusing on activities to accumulate power; Expressions of loyalty and respect vs. the need to dominate another through love or sex; A deep need for truth vs. looking for an intense response;

Feeling the oppression of others vs. conflicting feelings regarding the use of violence as a means of control; stronger maternal feelings for compassion for others vs. clinging or vacillation about breaking up relationships;

Venus/Mars Conjunction: (begins 7/13/21 began as a 2-year cycle) = Taking actions that express emotions to another where clarity is needed for one’s personal desires. Aggressive needs meet pleasure and joy. Starting NEW relationship patterns to help one grow beyond old values and insecurities; Working to attract personal values. Finding yourself in another’s reality;

Uranus square; Saturn oppose New Venus/Mars conjunction = Relationships not responding in an expected way; Demanding change in relationship patterns; Rebellion against status quo; Change of heart and feelings; Desires for new values and desires; Freedom from past relationship experiences;

Energies still in Effect

Uranus/Saturn Square = Timing with projects; Delays caused by unexpected changes; Personal frustrations coping with the ideas of others; Odd reactions from others; Crumbling of the norms of the past and status quo;

Full Moon Inconjunct = (until Aug. ‘21) this is an out-of-sign full moon that will have a Scorpio feel which is more “indirect.” Conflicts are less obvious but there are internal relationship issues. Stay alert to others trying to remold or remake you, including you doing it to them. There could be subtle power plays. Learning to respect the rights of others!


First Quarter Phase June 16th = triggered by—Feelings & Action becoming a part of desires; Solar Plexus Chakra; Keys = Moving to change with action; Managerial; Assertive; Administrative; Empathy; Strong will; Romantic flair; Bringing substance to goals; Embracing Feelings; Fight or Flight;

JU/SAG/1st Quarter Phase = Learning to use the Higher Mind to organize and manage a new life with ideas that must be transmuted from those programmed out of the past for ego/security needs. Here we manage to build a foundation by walking the talk becoming living proof of the application of spiritual laws. We must first confront the crisis generated by the managing and manifesting of a new reality that is in conflict with the old structures that are resistant to change. Being able to manage the crisis produces confidence in the inner self so the inner self—the HIGH SELF—becomes the source of security. Here we learn to become free from the physical body, emotional body, and the intellectual body to be free to work with feelings. Free to work the spiritual body to manifest the divine plan through feelings & action/movement. First Quarter is growth on the medicine wheel which relates to the process of maturation, whereby the process is just as important as the new form of the personality or ideal. The end result is “LOVE.” The final act of the 1st Quarter is to prepare to hand over the process to the feminine.

HEALING for 1st Quarter PHASE

This phase demands direct struggle, aggressive effort, and energy release. Action for a specific reason that enforces a renewed consciousness; Energy is defensive against another energy with a tendency to polarize against each other i.e. value vs. value, force vs. force; Unstoppable force meets immovable object; Conflicting affairs that require head-on-confrontation that clearly defines a chosen reality. Selective manipulation of the elements/environment;



“I am the Angel of Creative Wisdom. I am Divine consciousness. I am Spirit, Soul, and a Body of Light, and within me are all the powers of the universe, for I am God individualized, the Trinity of God in radiant expression.

I embody every idea of creation and I am eternally creating that which is good and true and beautiful. I am the Kingdom where all things exist and everything in the world of form is an idea in my consciousness, a point of energy radiating outward to express the Will of God. I am the Law of all that is seen and unseen. I am the eternal Cause of all that appears. Come closer and I will tell you of life beyond imagining. I am speaking to you, the mind-energy of personality on earth which has risen into Presence.

Although there appear to be two of us, one from above and one from below there is in reality only one glimmering stream of Light. I am YOU and YOU are me and there is no duality, no separation except in thought. This magnificent ray of God I AM has varying rates of vibration, and the personality that is listening to men now is simply in the lower pulsation. The ideas include the qualities of my being and the appearances of my expression for I am the Law and the Cause of the unseen and seen. The divine consciousness I AM your spiritual consciousness is the Law and Cause of manifestation. I am the Law and Cause of supply in all its manifest effects including food, clothing, home, money, and transportation. Nothing good, true, or beautiful exists in the unseen or seen worlds that do not have their origin in my consciousness.

The beginning of Wisdom is to know ME. It is to become consciously aware of ME, and through this awareness, I will radiate my very being. Through your consciousness of ME, the higher YOU, I will work, flowing out into the world to extend the kingdom of harmony. Your conscious awareness and understanding of ME put you in oneness with every idea in my mind, and these points of energy will express through you to reveal an all-sufficiency of all that is good in life.

Keep your mind on ME. Relax in ME. Know that the greater the consciousness of ME, the greater the infilling of my Self in you, which makes your consciousness a law unto you, reproducing the glory of the Kingdom in your world. Be still and know ME….your Self.


“Beginning now I will live in the now, for only in the now are the solutions to life’s problems found. As I look at my world, I take notice of anything that is less than ideal from the standpoint of my present state of consciousness. This need not be and so I call forth the divine remedy.

First, I forgive myself and others for all miscreations and I absolve myself and others of all guilt from the past. I am now ready for victory in every undesirable condition and to triumph over every disharmonious situation, and I call on the Angel of Victory & triumph to fill my consciousness with its energy. I feel it! And to the angel, I say, “In preparation for my personal encounter with you, I release all fear of failure, all sense of futility, and all feelings of low achievement in life. I see the only victory in all that I do, and I see everyone everywhere achieving their soul’s purpose for the good of all.” I now turn within to behold the Exalted One I AM, omnipotence in action, and I perceive in this glorious divine mind the answer to every question, the solution to every problem. As I contemplate the divine qualities of the I AM THAT I AM, I feel these gifts of God enter my awareness. All that I could ever seek, I AM and all that I AM is now expressing in perfect form and experience.

I now have total fulfillment in life. I have taken my position, and I stand still in quiet serenity and perfect trust, beholding the victory of the Lord and Master Self, I AM. It is done. It is finished. I AM victory. “

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