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Aries & the Spring Equinox

In Astrology we see the Sun/Moon as the major bodies moving in cyclical relationship with each other as they move from New Moon to New Moon. Dane Rudhyar, in 1967 introduced the “Lunation Cycle” with eight phases instead of the four quarters most people are familiar. Working with phases allows one to see life as an evolutionary, constantly developing process. Once a person takes note of this process through awareness or through journaling, they begin to automatically connect with the natural rhythm of energy that flows in the universe.

When you experience life’s natural rhythm you can become more attuned to daily life. This awakens one to their unconscious responses to life when one realizes they can make preferred responses that lead to breakthroughs which improve the quality of life.  “On Time” means to use the present moment to become aware of how we use our energy and how we are connected to the Divine Plan.

We know that at certain ages we received programming from parents, events and others which remain in our bodies. We call these various times “age arcs” which help us identify when the programming was imprinted. Awareness of these programs will fit present day realities.  By using the age arcs we can apply them to the phase wheel and recognize old patterns of response which can be re-defined.

All people have a masculine/feminine side, bodies, which respond to life very differently regardless of gender. Each Phase in the cycle has a masculine or feminine identity that connects to its opposite. So each cycle allows us to work from these bodies to find a balance in our lives.  

Healing comes from aligning your physical self with your high self. This choice makes us completely conscious as we connect with the natural flow of energy with all living organisms on the planet. We then live in complete “harmony” with inner and outer life. 

Following the phases is a way to ensure you are in-tune and “On Time” with nature. You are healed when you become conscious to the adjustments needed to your reality and make them. You become your true authentic self as you raise your vibrations and that of the living universe. 

Marvin L Wilkerson





The Aries New Moon = Aries is the point of all beginnings. Here is the start of the process to build a personality. All the energies are self-centered and self-directed. Before one can give oneself away there must be something to give. Leadership, strength, charging forth to butt their heads against any obstruction in their way; such are the qualities of the undeveloped Arians. Impatient and unwilling to wait for events to mature they are apt to rush in where angels fear to tread. Arians are the pioneers of the zodiac making good executives and wonderful at getting projects started as they are the original idea people. They take the initiative and never lack courage. They are self-confident on the surface but this conceals a feeling of inadequacy on the subconscious level. Their negative aspects are arrogance, egotism and a tendency to dominate. They should learn: coordination, conservation of energy and completion. From a universal standpoint, Aries is the first impulse of the life force into activity, the descent of the Divine Spark into manifestation. Symbolized by the Ram on the objective level in their highest aspect there are the Lamb of God. “The Lamb of God slain from the beginning of the world” is symbolic of the Spirit (the Lamb) being forced into a subordinate position when the world (the personality) takes over. When the personality makes itself the positive pole of expression the Real Self is forced to take a back seat. God’s gift to humanity is FREE WILL. There is one catch. When we put our free will into action we must abide by the result…equal and opposite reaction. This is the Cosmic Law or the Law of Karma.


Aries = “The Angel of Power & Authority. “ The GENERATION OF POWER; true power comes from GOD. “We must reach a point in consciousness realizing WE ARE NOTHING, HAVE NOTHING, CAN DO NOTHING; realizing all energy is from GOD’S WILL, PURPOSE & POWER.” Mars =“The Angel of Courage & Perseverance.” Courage to live the TRUTH of BEING and to persevere in that consciousness regardless of outer appearances

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