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Aries New Moon Podcast 2023

Aries New Moon

1. “I am” – The point of all beginnings. The announcement of the Spring Equinox.

2. Process of building a personality.

3. All energies or self-centered & self-directed. Self-assertive.

4. Leadership, strength, charging forth to butt their heads against any obstruction in their way;

5. Hides a feeling of inadequacy on a subconscious level.

6. The first impulse of the life force into activity, is the descent of the Divine Spark into manifestation.


1. Arrogance, egotism, and a tendency to dominate.

2. Functions from the head instead of the heart.

3. Arians go at such speed and so demanding they tire other people.

4. Spill energy in every direction. Need to learn to conserve or result in bad health.

New Moon 1° Aries Meaning

1. Decisive action.

2. Confidence in one’s will and one’s impulses.

3. Rejecting the present course of events and acting to secure a new and better future;

4. Following an inner vision to a distant goal.

Keywords: Aries: Initiative, intense, impulsive, leader, competitive; pioneer; Negative: egotistical, impatient, selfish;

Mars: Desire, active, forceful, brave, constructive, frank; Negative: combative, rash, violent, coarse, cruel;

1st House: Physical appearance, vitality, strength, constitution, persona, mask, outlook on life;

Important ENERGY PATTERNS for April

Sun/Moon/Neptune Square Mars; Extends into the PLUTO AQUARIUS AGE

1. SUN = Too much ego. Defends selfish interests.

2. The need to be first and number one.

3. Self-serving and neglecting sharing and intimacy.

4. Extension of aggression as a will of the people.

5. Violence against chosen leaders.

6. MOON = Latent anger, impatience. Intuitive feelings of anger.

7. Arguments with strong emotions.

8. Reading the wrong intentions of others.

9. NEPTUNE = Haste to change. Abandonment of spiritual or metaphysical development.

10. Self-delusion and deceiving others.

11. Scandals, riots, delusion about strength.

Pluto into Aquarius


Keywords: Aquarius: aloof, freedom, humanitarian, impersonal, intuitive; Negative: eccentric, rebellious, unpredictable;

Uranus: original, inventive, altruism, sudden change, ingenious; Negative: anarchy, revolution, irresponsible;

Meaning of Aquarius =

1. The symbol for Aquarius is the “water bearer” pouring the waters of eternal life onto the living world.

2. To the ancients Aquarius represented the vital spiritual power that renews and fertilizes all things.

3. Here are the mental pioneers, in an air sign, as its ruler is Uranus, the planet of Higher Consciousness. Here is the sign where we use our higher minds to break away and break free from the status quo.

4. Approaches life through the intellect and it is difficult for them to understand those who respond to life emotionally.

5. They function well in scientific fields or in research work of any kind.

6. Uranus is the shattering force that breaks up old forms when outmoded and no longer serving.

7. This is the sign of Spiritual rebirth.

8. In the new age of Aquarius, Saturn is responsible while Uranus is liberation and they go hand in hand. And true liberation can only come from within.

Energies of Pluto

1. Exposes what’s been underground, hidden from the conscious mind, personally and socially;

2. Transformation & Regeneration

3. Cycle of birth, death, rebirth

4. Needing to let go of ego attraction for spiritual growth;

5. The announcement of the planetary AQUARIAN AGE (i.e., 2100 yrs.) As we leave the Piscean age, we move into a greater society through principles that serve the greater good.

6. The development of intuition, alignment of personal will to the greater will, GOD.

7. A progressive sign and energy that will propel major scientific discoveries that serve both the planet and humanity.

8. The expansion of intuition will become the common way of thinking and communicating.

9. Seeing & reading the auric field of others;

10. The concept the whole is greater than the one. Groups!

11. Massive discoveries in air travel, intelligence; communications; governance; social reforms; progressiveness; inventions; UFO recognition;

Transformation in Aquarius – 2200 years

Social manifestations of more SPIRITUALIZED and IDEALISTIC or CREATIVE activities. Stresses the enduring character of human achievements. Bringing noble ideals into concrete forms of beauty and significance, thus radiating a civilizing power into institutional offering to primitive men the opportunity to reach a higher, more organized, and productive level of activity.

Aquarian Realization of Society

Two is division. Two is polarization. Male and female, yang, and yin, light and dark, positive and negative, action and reaction, flux and reflux, yes and no, initiative and resistance, flood and ebb, wax and wane.

The mediating factor between the worlds. The uniting intelligence.

Archetypal Key of the Open Channel. The bridge invites the universal breath of life with beauty and harmony on the plane of physical existence.

Where the force of the universe comes to inhabit form.

Essential energies represent the highest point of awareness of the human soul. Unity with God and with the soul.

The potential of the soul goes well beyond the potential of the present incarnation.

The memories are carried in the subconscious mind from one life to the next.

The connection between the worlds of spirit and matter is true power: MEMORY. The gift of knowing the collective past, present, and future.

Major Area of Change Coming in Society & Industry

1. Science or practice of travel through the air.

2. Airplanes

3. Batteries

4. How we Govern Ourselves as a culture and society. Government representatives. Congress, House of Representatives, Legislatures.

5. How we generate and use electricity. Solar power, Wind, Water.

6. All healing modalities include faith healing, energy healing, mental healing, and techniques for healing in general.

7. Groups, cultures, and cities are organized around like-minded people.

8. Rebellions of groups valuing selfish values and rejection of greater social mores.

9. The Psychology of the mind and how humans use a greater mental capacity. Great improvement in healing mental illness.

10. Leaps in all scientific discoveries for greater human benefits to utilizing creativity for self and others.

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

Facing ourselves and society through the past

In her book, Blavatsky reported that the civilization of Atlantis reached its peak between 1,000,000 and 900,000 years ago, but destroyed itself through internal warfare brought about by the dangerous use of psychic and supernatural powers of the inhabitants.

The oldest known mention of Atlantis is found in two of Plato’s dialogues, “Timaeus” and “Critias” which date to the fifth century B.C. Introduced as a large island in the Atlantic that sank in a volcanic catastrophe some 9,000 years previously. “The earth was inhabited by animals long before it was inhabited by man.”

“in Atlantean land when there were those disturbing forces or just before the first disturbing forces that brought the first destruction in the continent, through the application of spiritual things for the self-indulgence of material peoples.” - Cayce Life Reading

Periods when there were divisions between those of the Sons of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial, or the offspring of what was the pure race who projected themselves into creatures that became “the sons of men” rather than the creatures of God. Referenced in some of the Dead Sea Scrolls as the “Sons of light” and the “Sons of darkness.”

These “Sons of Belial” were selfish exploitation of the earth and its life forms until they lost sight of their true spiritual nature.

This may be the real fall of man.

Souls so separated from their maker by selfishness that was drawn back into the life of a karmic hell. Many Americans living today are influenced greatly by their previous Atlantean incarnations.

Man-made destructive devices triggered by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

The first breakup of Atlantis was the use of many discoveries that the Sons of Belial turned into destructive forces which could have been used for benefits to communications, transportation, etc.

The discoveries of how to use the Crystals to amplify the rays of the Sun.

The Sons of Belial's usage of them (attacking & killing large animals) caused volcanic reactions and the first breaking up of Atlantis.

The first rebellions brought misapplication to knowledge and rather than used constructively for benefit used for selfishness and power-inducing destructive activities by the Sons of Belial to destroy animal life.

The power came from the discovery of antineutron and the ability to force anti-matter into matter causing nuclear fission and fusion reactions. (Nuclear weapons of today)

Basic understanding of the readings:

1. Man existed on the earth for at least 10,000,000 years.

2. Atlantis was one of the places where man as such developed.

3. Man’s origin was as a spirit, not a physical body. These souls projected themselves into matter, probably for their own diversion, interrupting an evolutionary pattern then going on in the earth. Using his creative powers for selfish purposes man became entangled in matter or materiality to such an extent that he nearly forgot his divine origin and nature.

4. A very long time ago man attained great technological progress, equal to it if not surpassing that existing today.

5. Just as the misuse of their spiritual power brought turmoil, strife, and questioning among themselves, men’s misuse of scientific and material achievements brought physical destruction to the earth.

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