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Marvin L. Wilkerson Master Astrologer

*Zoom Sessions Available
This is Spiritual Astrology for Soul Transformation, Cosmo-psychology, life-limiting conditioning, and beliefs of who you are. Along with Spiritual insights and Earth astrology, these are just some of the many ways Marvin interprets a chart. When Marvin reads your chart he will look at it from a very in-depth perspective. Honed from many years of learning to integrate a vast amount of knowledge into a clear understanding of the big picture of your life as well as important details. You will come away from a reading with insight into your greatest gifts and areas that must be addressed to achieve that potential. Marvin has a myriad of ways to bring clarity and insights that will ultimately help you to truly understand yourself and the life you choose. 


Marvin Lee Wilkerson

Marvin L. Wilkerson is a lifelong seeker for truth about life’s psychologies and mysteries. As such Marvin’s quest has taken him down many paths to become a true mystic. Each path that resonates with him is seriously examined and practiced. At this point in his life, Marvin has developed an expansive knowledge of several fields and modalities to discovering self-realization, each one reflecting and validating one another. These points of reference allow for an unusual depth of observation, analysis, direction, healing and teaching. 

His independent nature and extensive curiosity have led Marvin to become a Master Astrologer, Cosmo-psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Medical Hypnotism, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Master Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), an expert on Native American Spiritually and Medicine Wheels, Shamanism, Planetary cycles and phases, Galactic Human Heritage, Metaphysics, Spirit of Tarot, with studies in Psycho Neuroscience and healing techniques.​

Since he first began to study the rewards of hypnotherapy in the 1980s, Marvin

is likewise able to tie it in with his other life studies as the founder of

Better Life Hypnosis; Marvin uses his certifications with the

National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. (NGH), to assist his clients further. He offers them a way to reach a mind-state that will serve their life purposes; to break destructive habits, evolve, and strengthen their direction to happiness. 


Marvin is a full time practitioner offering personal consultations, lectures, and workshops using the many tools to facilitate self-awareness including Astrology consultations, Spiritual counseling and has a full time practice in Hypnotherapy with his business Better Life Hypnosis. He is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Marvin Lee Wilkerson, Astro-Psychology, Certified Hypnotist, Master NLP

Marvin Lee Wilkerson, CH., CI., CM.NLP

Astrology Consultation Services

Marvin Lee Wilkerson, Astro-Psychology, Certified Hypnotist, Master NLP: Birth Chart Forcast

Birth Chart and Forecast 


The birth chart is the map and blueprint of our character. Character is our destiny. Astrology can reveal our desires, beliefs, concepts, perceptions, values, and orientation to reality. Using astrology consciously, actively, constructively, and responsibly we can both discover ourselves and create ourselves to be in cooperation with universal forces. I will interpret your physical reality as we will evaluate aspirations, goals, challenges, and the soul's evolutionary purpose and intention. Birthday readings are great for ideas about your coming year.


The consult will have three parts:


  1. Consider several themes and characteristics.

  2. A comprehensive delineation of essential areas of life.

  3. Answer your questions.


An astrological reading may help you answer your biggest questions: WHY? HOW? WHEN?


A forecast of the next six months will provide insights into your potential issues, energy patterns, and the challenges the energy could represent, with a discussion of how to use them best.

COST $200.00  Follow-up $150.00

Marvin Lee Wilkerson, Astro-Psychology, Certified Hypnotist, Master NLP: Package of 3 Readings

Package of Three Readings 

This consultation will include the initial birth chart and forecast. This package will dive deeply into the multifaceted parts and information in an astrology chart. The additional readings will focus on overall patterns, with special attention given to physical and spiritual priorities central to our purpose in life. You can be empowered by understanding superior strengths and talents, energetic weaknesses and conflicts, and how to turn them into strengths and transform them. In addition, we will establish early life conditions and programming and what they reveal about your purpose in life.


Some of the things we will evaluate:


  1. Phase relationships between planetary energies;

  2. Progressions & solar arc's;

  3. Personal vision quest;

  4. Examination of your spirituality; Transformation of the soul;

  5. Psychological motives;

  6. Life Cycles & transits;

  7. Why of challenges throughout life;


Our time together will be enjoyable, revealing, and life-altering. I typically advise one to two weeks between appointments—sessions are recorded for continued listening and learning. You can use this package anytime within six months.

COST $450.00

Marvin Lee Wilkerson, Astro-Psychology, Certified Hypnotist, Master NLP: Medicine Wheel Reading, Consultations

Medicine Wheel Reading / Consultation 

A Medicine Wheel reading is earth Astrology differing from sky astrology. It is Native American in orientation, symbolic, spiritual, and teaches practical understanding of the way you use energy, cycles, and phases of your self and life. Many characters including animals, and nature reveal insights into our lives. Nature reveals many truths about who we are. During a Medicine Wheel reading, you will get an Astrology interpretation to reinforce clarity as needed. I look forward to everyone I do. Two hours of recorded insights. When ordering tell me in the comments section you want a Medicine Wheel reading. Blessings to you.

COST $200  

Specialized Astrology Consultations

  • Progressed/Transit Chart
  • Solar Return Chart
  • Relationship/Synastry Chart 
  • Business Consultation
  • Cycle & Phase
  • Sabian Symbol Reading
  • Evolutionary Astrology reading
  • Eclipse Patterns
  • Exploring Family Dynamics
  • Spiritual Interpretation
medicine wheel reading

Astrology Workshops

“Humans, with free will and choice, cannot heal, restore to physical/spiritual wholeness, their lives until there is an alignment with the natural rhythm & law of all other life in the universe.”

Lectures, Presentations & Workshops

  • Lunar Cycle & Phases

  • Phase Personalities

  • Phases and Healing

  • The Evolving Soul: The Patterns of the Unconscious

  • Using and Setting a Medicine Wheel

  • The Medicine Wheel Speaks

Available World Wide / Zoom Sessions Available!

Marvin Lee Wilkerson, Astro-Psychology, Certified Hypnotist, Master NLP: Lectures Presentations
Marvin Lee Wilkerson, Astro-Psychology, Certified Hypnotist, Master NLP: Testimonials


With all the passion, instinct, commitment, honesty and unshakable love of a parent, Marvin translated (with much excitement) the contents of my chart; sharing only what I was ready to hear. Marvin Wilkerson is the REAL DEAL folks; a true gift to our growing community of consciousness. My experience with this humble master has given a whole new meaning to my favorite phrase: Life sure is interesting! I will never see my life or my place in this world the same way again. Thanks, Marvin, You ROCK!

Kyle Samuel Brooks

Performing Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Nashville, Tn.

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