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Moon Phase Personalities: Healing the Spiritual Journey 

Phase Personalities represent the past self becoming the future self. We have programming from this and other lives that affect our current life. We also have the ability to heal by consciously working with present energies to release our past experiences. Moon Phases teach how whole brain thinking is an integral part of the healing process. You’re not just your sun sign or your moon sign, you’re both. Phases & Cycles teach us to flow with the universe while revealing the right actions at the right time to get the best results. Astrology's tool for learning the rhythm of the universe and healing past patterns.


2020 Workshops
Psycho-Dynamics of the Phases: Introduction to the Multi-Dimension of Phases

Workshop: The Astrology of a Journey, the Engine of Destiny, Fate & Healing 
Moving Beyond Past, Present, Future and Aspects

Hypnosis Certification Course 

Starting JUNE 2020 - A 1 week course
 National Guild of Hypnotist training & certification
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Galactic Expo - Nashville, TN
May 20 - 21, 2020 

When we connect and have a relationship with the natural flow of energy, with all life, with the rhythm & laws of the universe, we then live in complete harmony with inner and outer life. Healing comes from aligning your physical self, personality self with your high self, your true self. This action makes us completely conscious. As you journal or become attuned to the right action of each phase and examine your personal feelings, activities, emotions and thoughts, you will begin to realize where you are or aren’t in balance. You can be healed when you become conscious to the adjustments needed to your reality.
Healing in the Future--HYPNOSIS!
Reality is based upon what resides in the Unconscious

Conscious awareness of reactive behaviour is all well and good - but more and more clients are finding that their old emotional patterns still exist - even after they understand the whys of their particular issues. The law of attraction is at work on all levels of experience in this life and
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Interpreting the Phases 
Sun/Moon, Planetary Pairs
the Medicine Wheel, Galactic Connection
Today's Hypnosis

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"Welcome to my website which represents over 50 years of my life's studies in Astrology and the healing science's. I have put several of these studies on this site for your enjoyment in your quest for knowledge. Recently my endeavors have encompassed studies into the subconscious mind which allows me to assist individuals to not only discover life patterns but how to release patterns that no longer serve the individual. My first experience in working with the subconscious mind (past life regression) extends back to the 80's. As you will see from my writings Astrology can assist people in so many ways that even my self or this website can not begin to address. As to my style of reading a horoscope comes from studying the greatest minds in Astrology over the past hundred years which provides a unique approach. I read the chart as a whole that will produce profound insight into your past, present and evolution into your future. I hope you enjoy your journey through this site." Many Blessings, Marvin  
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