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Medicine Wheel Ceremony & Workshop

I went to the Medicine Wheel Workshop and had a unique personal time with nature, through connection with trees and my spirit animal. The vision quest put me in direct contact with a specific healing experience with a special totem animal. I still feel the effects of it. All the participants added to my sense of belonging to the small and greater community, through ritual drumming, and chanting, through sharing our stories, and touching each other's lives through the Earth. Marvin was a teacher, who knew his way on the path, and led us all with knowledge and conviction. I would recommend his classes to anyone. They are a doorway into your own deeper self, and Mother Earth, and all our relations who live on her�.............Carole Urmy
The experience of my first-ever medicine wheel workshop was one I will never forget. The energy, Oneness and Spirit connecting us all was felt many times throughout the day. Marvin is a one of a kind teacher who has much knowledge and experience to share. I will definitely be attending future classes and workshops.
  Mike McCullough

I want to express my gratitude to you for hosting the recent November Medicine Wheel. You’re in depth knowledge and sincere devotion for sharing the important gifts nature has to offer for the enhancements of life experiences is easily understood. It opened insights as to the connections of emotional balance, joy and a sense of well being that I can continue to share in my daily life! Thank you and I look forward to the next offering of the Medicine Wheel 

Sincerely, Debra J Lambert

I went that morning not knowing what to expect, I'd never done anything like this before, but Marvin is such an engaging teacher, I knew it would be terrific and it was. Creating a medicine wheel together in a beautiful setting was magical, I learned so much and it left me wanting more. It was a powerful experience for the group and I believe each individual took away something very unique.
  Helen Burrus
"Participants in Medicine Wheel ceremonies most often receive visions ranging from animal spirits to the Archangels. Experiencing a Medicine Wheel ceremony for the first time can be life altering. Learning to build a Medicine Wheel along with the rituals and ceremonies is a spiritual gift to yourself that will continue to teach you for the rest of your life.

Each group I set a Medicine Wheel with has a different energy and a different healing experience for themselves and Mother Earth. The vibration and spiritual energy reverberates through your whole body. I never forget a Medicine Wheel I’ve set or the gift I was given after I set it. Your heart will be touched in a way few things can touch it. I welcome you to participate in this great healing wheel for yourself and for Mother Earth."

Marvin L Wilkerson, Earth Astrologer




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