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The process of separation, between the inner and outer consciousness, from conscious thinking and intuitive thinking, emotions and feelings, inner voice and outer voice, external energy and internal energy, energy coming from unusual form and normal form, feeling a special rhythm & flow to events, a sense of a destiny, a knowing vs. a thought, love vs. desire, analyzing vs. flowing internal voice, a wish vs. a dream, a belief vs. truth, a total moment vs. "seeing", observation vs. looking, relationship vs. relating, living for vs. being alive, experiencing vs. acting; these are just some of the dualities that must be understood and separated to be self-aware of the universe we are connected and are in relationship with. 

              A Two Step Process

                        1. Recognizing duality. 

                       2. Allowing energy to process consciously and pass through.
                                    a. If it sticks, it must be processed.

These dualities when separated allow one to become aware of the relationships all around us. I have met many clients who are capable of some of these separations but do not trust these divisions within their own self. This is part of their evolutionary process. It is very difficult sometimes to explain how this works. I have found that Hypnosis allows one to truly experience a duality. Even then the conscious mind tries to convince them they made it up. But it is a process and time is on their side.  

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind that allows the subconscious mind to be accessed as the conscious mind is bypassed BUT stay in an observation capacity. For some it can be a hard concept to grasp but the subconscious mind contains all knowledge of Soul experience and Universal Consciousness Past, Present & Future. A Hypnotist is a guide that allows one to achieve a Hypnotic state where a multitude of experiences await. Time & Space are eliminated in the subconscious, which is ultimately the truth. So from this state traversing Consciousness is a very enlightening experience. 

I call this Spiritual Enhancement because regardless of your conscious awareness, spiritual awareness or current ability to cross the psychic veil there is always another level of awareness. There are many dimensions yet to be explored that one can be guided if spiritually allowed. The gift of spending time in the Light is priceless. All may be guided to an appropriate level into the Light as well as experiencing personal Guides, Angels, Archangels, but more importantly the High Self which is the individual soul of each one of us.

Most of those with a spiritual consciousness can desire and receive Shamanistic type awareness and insights. Healing can be done where needed and a different perspective can be had regarding current realities when visiting the many experiences between lifetimes called the Interlife. Here are some of the available experiences:

  • Last Day & Death of a connecting life. This allows one's own perception of the meaning of a particular life.

  • Processing the Review Period. This process is done with Divine Guidance and is a very conscious expanding perspective.

  • Bringing Light to processed events. It is always important for the client to have their chosen Divine Presence available.

  • Hall of Learning. This is a stopover point for many in between lives.

  • Planning Period. To come to the earth plane there is a board that helps one process their upcoming journey.

  • The Womb & Conception. This is a very reveling experience in many cases.

Through these processes it is always important to allow one to bask in the Light of the Divine. It is very important in all healing modalities to ask for protection and Divine assistance when working with one to receive a clear understanding of events viewed and processed. Once this has been done, the relationship to those events fades from memory and no longer is an attraction principle in the current life. 

Being sensitive does not exonerate one from experiencing earth plane frustration. If you are anything like me, I hesitate and question information from another intuitive. I trust my High Self implicitly. Establishing a rapport with a Spiritual Hypnotherapist will allow a guidance to take place that allows one to gain insights from their own Source or Higher Self exactly where one should. There should be a minimum of intrusion from the therapist that you trust will guide you without any judgment or critical thought. You can then trust in what you experience. Dealing with high sensitivities opens one to a greater degree of allowing undesirable energies and questionable perception. Clear thought belongs to but a select few. With a high degree of sensitivity, when under Hypnosis very little guidance is needed since traversing other realms is familiar. With proper guidance and direction a session(s) can bring great clarity to one's own perception and perspective. As one intuitive described it as, you hold space, (by being conscious of proceedings) to work with and traverse the realm I am familiar in but you help me ground the information into conscious form to work with. Some of the techniques that have proven to be assets to sensitive's are: 

  • Energy & Chakra Clearing. You will enjoy the guided relaxing process.

  • Warping Time & Future Pacing. You will love a conscious guidance. 

  • Light Meditation with chosen Divine Beings & Masters. Who doesn't love to bask in this energy.

  • Guided Imagery, Suggestions & Metaphor. Great guided work as your flow of images & rhythm are enhanced.

  • Regression Therapy. Very often you will find a surprise connection to a strong energy that's been suppressed.

  • Parts Therapy. A simple division wherein an old personality part resides subconsciously.

  • Object Imagery. A clearer picture and meaning through guidance.

  • Reframing. Getting a clearer perspective and perception consciously that supports change.

  • Desensitization. Using a kinesthetic experience to reframe and release a past attachment to an event.

I will sum up this conversation with a quote from Einstein.There are two ways to live life. One is to live as nothing is a miracle or two, live as if everything is a miracle. The thoughts you have determine the results you get in life. If you are drawn to work with me, I am at your service. 


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