Birth Chart & Forecast 

This chart is the map and total potential of who you are, can be and could become. It reveals your past, present and future opportunities. It can provide clarity into the ease or resistance with which you experience life. It will not intervene in free will or choice, but a reading may fuel your thinking to help you better understand yourself and your life. It may help you answer your biggest questions of WHY? HOW? WHEN? With this reading we will explore all questions you have. A forecast of the next six months will provide insights into your potential issues. $150 

A Package of Three Readings 

The amount of information available to you equals the total of your past, present and a reasonable amount of future. In a consultation you can discuss anything in your life or anybody in your life. From past lives to present, from the most spiritual to the depths of the psychological you can examine your life. Most of the time a one hour consultation can leave you with many more questions to ask. This package is offered to save you money while you look at all aspects of your life including the past, present and future. Our time together will be enjoyable, revealing and life altering. I typically advise two to three weeks between appointments. You can use this package anytime within six months. $395


All Hypnotherapy is $100 per hour. Packaged sessions are 90 minutes in length which includes cognitive therapy and hypnosis. Most desired results take at least three sessions to effect change and reinforce that change. Most personal changes such as weight loss, smoking cessation, and mental enhancement usually can be accomplished in four to six sessions. Regression work must be considered on an hourly basis and usually take two hours or $150.00. There is a FREE evaluation session to set intention and establish therapy plan. 
Four-Session Package  $395.00
Six-Session Package $575.00
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Astrology and hypnotherapy together represent a gift that you give yourself and shows a desire to expand self-awareness. Each is an incredible tool that promotes insight and healing to who your whole self is. You will be changed and the impact of that change will be seen by you and others. Your life will be enhanced with an increase in consciousness of the little self and the High Self. The expense vs. the change cannot be matched or duplicated by any other modality of spiritual progress, healing or self-improvement in such a short period of time.

One Astrology/Three Hypnosis $475.00                                  
Two Astrology/Three Hypnosis $575.00 (most recommended)           Select Package at Checkout
Two Astrology/Four Hypnosis   $695.00


Progressed/Transit chart

This reading can provide insights into each passing time frame for six months to a year. These charts give you knowledge of the energy the universe is asserting. You provide the circumstances of life and a reading can provide valuable insights to help you face current issues, including why you feel or think like you do and forecast upcoming situations. (Of course an astrology map will reveal where circumstances are occurring in your life.) 

Solar Return chart

This is a map of the yearly return to the birth moment. This chart can provide knowledge of the areas of life that may be emphasized over the coming year. Timing is everything in our life. The solar return chart can give clarity about the right time and season for activities. Where will the emphasis in your life be? This reading is a forecast like the changing of seasons. 

Relationship/Synastry chart 

This reading can give insights into romance, partnerships or lack thereof. The whys or differences can be explored. Sometimes just understanding the needs of others is all we need to accept others to give them support for their needs and, in return, get support for ours. Great cooperation can be easier when you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. How we work together is the foundation of how we love together. This reading can provide insights into where you are in the cycle of finding a new relationship. 

Business Consultation

This reading will explore the entire business. From the national and economic climate to how your business is affected by those environments. What is the state of the owner, CEO or the employees? Will advertising pay off now or is this the best time for expansion? Is this the right time to start a new business? The questions are endless as well are the answers. Large or small, a business forecast can be as helpful as any professional a person consults. It is recommended that a Package of Three be purchased to spend a comprehensive amount of time exploring the depths of your business. 

*Note: Marvin has been self-employed for most of 40 years. He pioneered over 15 companies and was a highly decorated manager in a Fortune 200 company for 10 years. He continues to be involved in the stock market while monitoring the international business climate.

Cycle & Phase

There are many evolving patterns between planetary pairs that show where we are evolving through the definition of these planets working together. For example, a look at Venus and Mars will show how we are working out our relationship issues, among other things. Each part of that evolution is divided into separate phases and requires a different response. These patterns are part of the circle/cycles of life we know as the beginning and ending of all things. The phase within a cycle/circle provides understanding that allows us to respond in a positive manner for more effective results. Healing all conflict in our lives is a process. Knowing where you are in the process allows for a different insight and the exercises needed to release and let go of present and past conflict. This reading empowers you to immediately take control of your life in day to day activities. 

Sabian Symbol reading

​In the 1930s medium, Elsie Wheeler, channeled images that Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar, (known as the C.G.Jung of astrology)  intrepreted. These spirtual  defining works for each of the 360 degrees of a circle as a spiritual evolving process, are known as Sabian symbols. As your planets are placed around the horoscope the definitions of the planet/symbol will astonish you. This information is a powerful picture or image of how you use specific energies to spiritualize your life. There are many ah-ha moments in this interpretation. Your life experiences can come alive with these images. When you understand these energy/symbols, a new meaning is formed about your spiritual growth. 

Chaldean Chart reading

This reading is an astrological interpretation from the ancient days of Babylon. This is the astrology of kings. It is a reading about others in your life. How others respond to you and vice versa. Much is gained from the insight a Chaldean (kal-de-an) interpretation provides. Why we receive support from others in some areas of our lives but not in others. Why our activities receive rave reviews but go unrecognized in other areas. Kings wanted to know about wars, conquering, and how they were seen by their people. Now, there is benefit to know who we are as individuals and personality; but how do we see ourselves in contrast to how others view us in different areas of our life? We all have supporters in life but where are our enemies and why are they there? How do we temper our thinking and decisions to find common ground? Where are your secret enemies? This reading presents you with how you are viewed by others and why. 

Evolutionary Astrology reading

This is a powerful interpretation that looks deeply into our past lives, habits, feelings, thought patterns and actions. Many questions are answered. Memories, recurring dreams, needs, insecurities are all subjects of past programming. The universe is an ever evolving source. If each individual is connected to a source, understanding each individual as its own creativity source, then is the source evolving? This is the most in-depth consulting an individual can receive. It provides a psychological and personal connection at the deepest levels of who you are. It can provided freedom from the past, as well as freedom for the future, from that which hinders your growth. We are the totality of our experiences, past and present, but now it’s time to become something more. To be in the moment we must be free from the past. 

Eclipse Patterns

Eclipses highlight the major activity in our lives and where our attention is focused at any moment in time. There is an average of four eclipses every year and each impact our lives for about six months. Each eclipse is connected to a larger cycle of eclipses that we refer to as a family of eclipse patterns. Each pattern and eclipse will have a different definition of activity in your life. We will explore your pre-birth patterns to the current and future patterns. This deep knowledge provides some of the most in-depth material about your life. 

Exploring Family Dynamics

This reading provides insights into the roots of who you are. Your treasure chest of tools and abilities in life come from your family. The family represents those that played a role in establishing all that we perceive in our lives. Why did they play the role and how did that set the stage for our experiences? Do we need to continue to hang on to those experiences? How did we respond then and now? Is there any blame or excuse tied to those events that form who we are? These and many more questions can be explored for reasons and answers. 

Spiritual Interpretation

This is an interpretation using evolutionary astrology, karmic astrology, sabian symbols and the spiritual rays of illumination. There are many aspects and features to who we are as personalities and souls. If you believe we are evolving into a merging with the source, then this reading can give you insights into that goal. All challenges in our life are the tests leading to perfection. Are our ideals coming from our soul or are they still a program from without? There are many spiritual truths and laws that come from human experiences. There are esoteric meanings to what we face in our lives. Where are you on the path of illumination? This can be explored from your perspective with the analysis of your birth and present life. You supply the answers from this objective evaluation, as you are the only one that knows your truths. 

"Before we can build, before we can transform, before we can condemn or destroy, we must know that which we are.
              -- J. Krisnamurti

Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning; that there is always another dawn risen on mid-noon, and under every deep a lower deep opens.
 -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.
                  -- C. G. Jung 
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