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About My Consultations
I profess to have a fun, playful spirit, yet I do approach the questions about life with intense seriousness. My thirst to understand myself at the deepest levels, gives me the idea others may be looking at themselves with the same intensity. Sometimes that's true but sometimes it's not the time to go that deep. Each reading takes on a life of its own, therefore, and I am dedicated to help you solve your current mysteries and questions in your life. 

My readings can go down many paths, I prefer your guidance for direction, but can take intuitive guidance just as easily. My natural inclination is to start from a spiritual perspective when simply asked to read. If you are in search of specific answers, a chart reveals specific answers and can be very detailed. Sometimes as a reading unfolds new questions will arise as realizations of different issues come forward or of a completely different perspective. 

Many readings will sometimes reveal startling information you were not quite conscious of, but most people I consult recognize the issues and answers. I feel it is important to go in any direction that will be comfortable for you. The horoscope can be deeply revealing about all issues in your life. You have a lifetime to explore those issues as you are ready. 

All interpretations will leave you with a logical understanding to your conclusions. And you will have the actions or healing needed to facilitate the application of your new insight.

I find that most first-time clients like a forecast for the future. I watch several cycles and will gladly go out six to 12 months in advance. For those who have had readings before, or for advanced students of astrology, we can explore the depths yet to be found from spiritual to evolutionary to psychological. I use many types of delineation techniques and work with the many styles including ancient, pyramid and Chaldean astrology. 

Please be ready for an introductory discussion about yourself and your quest ,upon starting an appointment. The rest will unfold.

What I Need for a Consultation

1. Time, date and place of birth. It is important to have the exact time of birth especially for timing events and knowing your ascendant sign. If you do not have the exact time of birth I will work with a solar chart that can be just as accurate without the ascendant. You will still recognize YOU and your life.

2. A completed order form on the site, or through personal contact, that will give me your information and help set the appointment time.

3. Provide a brief description of any areas of your life you would like to focus on, or particular things you would like to receive insight or knowledge, however, I WILL KNOW WHERE THE ENERGY AND ISSUES YOU ARE FACING ARE OCCURING.

4. Your email address and a telephone number to contact you for our appointment. I accept all major credit cards through PayPal or at the session.

Consultations are by phone and in person. 
Please provide several dates on our order form that you would be available. We will send a confirmation email of the date and time. Phone readings generally are set per request and you will be provided a private number to call. 

All consultations are recorded. 
All consultations are $150 and are about 60 minutes in length. 

To Make An Appointment

Call me directly with your information. If you submit through the site you will be sent to payment page where you can choose to pay there or at the session if your in person. For phone sessions you will be contacted through email about your appointment time. Please put in a couple of times and dates that work for you. For all other inquiries for workshops, lectures, seminars or classes please call email me directly. 

I look forward to meeting you,
Marvin L. Wilkerson

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What Others Say

"Marvin clearly loves what he does, and his passion for his work is very evident! He has the ability to cut through to an issue with precision and delicacy, making sensitive topics easier to discuss. As a counselor Marvin uses his unique philosophical approach to gain understanding to life's current challenges, as well as joys."

Joan Shelton-Dodd, Astrologer
Virginia Beach, Va.

I have known Marvin for 18 years both personally and professionally. I know he looks deep into his own soul to help you find your answers and very few people are willing or ABLE to do that. His words come back to you on levels you find both compelling and life altering. It is my pleasure to call him friend and mentor.

Theresa G. Phoenix, Astrologer
Brandon, FL.

I have known Marvin Wilkerson close to 20 years, both professionally and personally. He has been my astrologer and counselor. I find him to be accurate and able to give tremendous insight into what direction or action I need to take in the moment. He has the unique ability to make you feel absolutely comfortable in his presence. This is so important to me. I first met Marvin in Virginia Beach at an astrology conference. He was my group teacher, teaching the medicine wheel as well as astrology. I found him to be very knowledgeable.

Reverend Josie Burns, Reiki Master, and Psychic Counselor
Fort Lauderdale, FL.

What Others Say

With all the passion, instinct, commitment, honesty and unshakable love of a parent, Marv translated (with much excitement) the contents of my chart; sharing only what I was ready to hear. Marvin Wilkerson is the REAL DEAL folks; a true gift to our growing community of consciousness. My experience with this humble master, has given a whole new meaning to my favorite phrase: Life sure is interesting! I will never see my life or my place in this world the same way again. Thanks Marv, You ROCK!

Kyle Samuel Brooks
Performing Songwriter, Entrepreneur
Nashville, TN.

As a Scorpio Tiger Descendent with Native American Heritage, I have always been connected with the magical side of nature. 
........It wasn't until a very in depth session with Marvin that made me question my own belief system as Marvin dove deep into my past relaying things that he could of never known. His knowledge and abilities to chart a person's very essence based on the stars is absolutely amazing. We all know the definition of insanity  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Well after almost 50 years of reliving the same train wrecks (results) over and over again, Marvin helped me see the light, he gave me the insight to the importance of not ignoring our own place in the universe, after all, if my ancestors lived their lives by the stars why would I think I am better than they were, Marvin made a true believer out of me."

Lightly, Tammy Jung
Dickson, TN.

"THANK YOU for the rich, intense, informative session today. I am profoundly grateful. And I have begun implementing positive changes that reflect my intention to be here for the long haul, to fulfill whatever I came here to do, maybe more...I know that I will appreciate spending more time with you in the future."

Jan Stadlander, LCSW
Therapy, EMDR, Magnified Healing
Nashville, TN.

Having known Marvin for many years, I'm struck by how accurate my first impression of him was. After having just met him, I remember saying, I love this guy and now realize why my reaction was so strong. Marvin is a genuine, warm, intuitive guy who calls it like he sees it, and man does he see it. After receiving two readings from Marvin, his ability to see what's in store and communicate it clearly and concisely is spot on. He gave me some particularly hard news, but made it clear it would necessitate much needed growth for the life I desired. He prepared me for things no one could have foreseen, and without his counsel and direction, I surely would have found myself without a clue to overcoming the many obstacles I faced. Because of Marvin's understanding and insight, I believe my future offers opportunities I would once have merely dreamed possible and now have a game plan for achieving my goals. 

Pam Ezzell, 
Queen Sales Trainer, Lizard Wrangler, Dog Whisperer, Grandmother Extraordinaire, Flood Survivor, Aquarian Orlando, FL. 

For over 40 years Marvin has had experience with astrology; he has professionally read it since in 1992. All readings are indepth, profound and deeply impacting. No question is trivial and no question doesn't have answers. Explore them with Marvin and you'll be glad you did.
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